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What's Included in SNF Compass

Enhance Skilled Nursing Operations with Comprehensive BI Tools

SNF Compass delivers targeted business intelligence solutions crafted to support skilled nursing facilities. Our Business Intelligence platform bridges the gap between data and actionable insights, providing administrators and healthcare professionals with the tools to navigate complex patient care scenarios easily.


Offer insights and analytics from compiled data, highlighting trends and performance metrics for strategic decision-making.

  • Included:

  • Census Dashboard
  • Clinical Dashboard
  • Reimbursement Dashboard
  • Staff Dashboard

SNF Metrics
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Choose SNF Metrics, the preferred software for numerous facilities nationwide, ensuring optimized care, streamlined revenue cycles, and improved census with our innovative, cloud-based solutions.

Advanced Healthcare Analytics

Elevate Patient Care with SNF Metrics

Effortlessly enhance patient care with our user-friendly dashboard, delivering timely and precise clinical insights without requiring technical expertise from clinicians.

  • Actionable insights
  • User-friendly interface
  • Improved patient care

Efficient Staff Management

Optimize Staffing with Real-Time Data

Utilize our advanced staff analytics dashboard to refine staffing strategies, identify top-performing staff, and promote career growth within your organization.

  • Real-time analytics
  • Identify top-performing staff
  • Streamline staffing strategies

Strategic Census Management

Drive Census with Live, Accurate Data

Leverage our predictive analytics and census dashboard to strategically manage census fluctuations and target specific patient care categories effectively.

  • Live census data
  • Predictive analytics
  • Strategic census management

Robust Reimbursement Management with PDPM and CMI

Optimize Reimbursement Efficiency

Enhance workflows and communication to maximize reimbursement efficiency with SNF Metrics’ advanced tracking applications, optimized for PDPM and CMI.

  • Efficient tracking
  • Improved workflows and communication
  • Maximized reimbursements

Comprehensive Clinical Management

Enhance Compliance with Improved Clinical Management

Ensure comprehensive clinical management and compliance with our technology, providing accurate reports and real-time data from the EMR for all parties.

  • Efficient reporting
  • Real-time data and communication
  • Insightful analytics

Empowering Various Healthcare Roles with SNF Compass

SNF Compass is meticulously designed to cater to the unique needs of different professionals within the healthcare sector, providing them with precise, real-time data to enhance decision-making and operational efficiency.

SNF Operators

Strategic Decision-Making

Utilize data-driven strategies to enhance operations and patient care with SNF Compass.

Optimized Finances

Healthcare Financial Managers

Safeguard financial stability and enhance revenue management using our insightful analytics.

Clinical Administrators

Enhanced Patient Care

Access vital clinical data instantly, ensuring informed and timely patient care decisions.

IT Professionals

Seamless Data Integration

Secure and seamless data integration across multiple platforms, maintaining consistency and accessibility.

Client Testimonials

Simplifying Healthcare Analytics with SNF Compass

Unlock the power of your data, streamline operations, and enhance decision-making with our intuitive healthcare analytics platform, tailored for skilled nursing facilities.

Step 1: Integration

Seamless Integration

Effortlessly combine data from EMRs, financial systems, and other platforms for a unified view.

Step 2: Analytics

Real-Time Analytics

Access and analyze vital data in real-time, ensuring timely and informed decision-making.

Step 3: Insights

Actionable Insights

Get actionable insights to optimize operations, financial management, and patient care.

Don’t Let Critical Insights Slip Away!

Unlock data-driven decisions for enhanced patient care now.

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Uniting Organizations for Healthcare Solutions

SNF Metrics partners with innovative organizations to provide resident care solutions. Our valued partnerships enable us to solve healthcare challenges.

Reduce Residents’ Medications to Reduce Falls in Senior Care Communities

Customer Success Story

Enhance Senior Safety and Cut Costs with Proactive Medication Management

Discover how skilled nursing facilities save millions and boost resident safety by managing medication effectively. Our latest case study reveals how integrating SNF Metrics’ medication management tools can reduce fall risks and lower medication expenses without drastic changes to existing operations. Learn how our approach has led to significant financial and health outcomes improvements, promoting a safer living environment for seniors.