Proven Financial Improvement

SNF Operators, Executives, CFOs and AR Directors in 30 states have seen significant improvement in Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), the time it takes a facility to receive payment, with the AR Tracker app. The AR Tracker Dashboard enables real-time collections monitoring with simple and actionable reports.

Real-Time Alerts and Monitoring

Eliminate emails, accessing multiple software systems, spreadsheets, pivot tables, and paper. AR Tracker is your one communication and workflow platform that integrates all necessary AR data into one easy, simple and powerful collections tool.

Instant Tracking of All Residents

Data integration between clinical and financial software systems ensures new admissions are immediately tracked for reimbursement. Every resident is accounted for with AR Tracker Improve your DSO..

One AR Communication Platform for The Entire Operation

Our cloud based platform hosts all AR professionals regardless of location. Communicate between facilities, regional operations, corporate and consultants instantly and securely.

Take A Deeper Dive

Never leave the AR Tracker App when reviewing a specific resident. Get as granular as you need with just a click. Instantly share insights and generate tasks.

Effortless Implementation

Seamless Integration

Easily integrate with existing systems for a unified financial management experience, minimizing disruption. Our technology is built to directly integrate into your existing systems and workflows with ease and simplicity.

Tailored for Financial Excellence

Designed for healthcare administrators and financial officers dedicated to optimizing billing processes and accounts receivable management. Reduce bad debt expenses and improve DSO for a healthy SNF operation.

Healthcare Administrators

Streamline financial operations, enhancing overall facility efficiency. With the AR Dashboard, instantly understand all collections issues. Improve financial viability of your facility.

Financial Officers

Gain precise control over cash flow and reduce outstanding receivables. Quickly understand and communicate areas for action with Improve your financial confidence.

Billing Specialists

Simplify and accelerate the billing cycle for faster revenue realization.

IT Professionals

Integrate financial systems smoothly for real-time revenue tracking.

See Your Financial Future with SNF Metrics

ROI Calculator: Harness the Power of Savings

Quickly estimate how much you could save on bad debt expenses each month and year with SNF Metrics. Our calculator turns complex data into simple financial insights, paving the way for a healthier bottom line.

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Empower Your SNF Financial Health

Transform the process of your accounts receivable with AR Tracker. Experience seamless financial data integration, real-time alerts, and enhanced communication that streamlines billing and maximizes cash flow. Download the flyer now for a more efficient, financially sound future.

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Simplify Your Accounts Receivable Process

Efficiently manage your receivables in three simple steps, ensuring timely payments and improved financial health.

Step 1: Integration

Seamlessly connect AR Tracker with your existing systems for real-time data access.

Step 2: Access The Cloud Based AR Tracker Workspace For Improved Communication and Monitoring

Securely add notes, tasks, and documents related to all resident AR issues. Utilize real-time dashboards to monitor outstanding receivables and financial health.

Step 3: Action

Automate alerts and actions to expedite collections and reduce bad debt expenses.

Enhance Your Financial Health Now

Take control of your accounts receivable with AR Tracker. Improve your cash flow and streamline your billing process today.

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