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Take Action-Proactively

Track and trend the metrics that matter for compliance, clinical, billing, and payroll. Notice trends before they become big problems. See opportunities for growth at early stages.

Reduce Facility Risk

See Patterns in the Data

SNF Metrics gives you a cross facility birdseye view of your company performance. See new opportunities to get ahead of the risks and changes in the market.

Increase Profitability.

Operate Efficiently

Stop wasting man hours with manual data analytics and data consolidation. Tie together data from all your systems and automate your custom analytics.

Improve Resident Outcomes

Manage Operational Chaos

Being a SNF Operator can be challenging in today’s market. Regulations are constantly shifting, profitability gets harder to achieve and maintain, and staffing can seem like a big black hole.

Your data should be helping

Instead, it’s trapped in different systems and the insights are lacking.

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You Have Lots of Data, But Very Few Insights

Data is only useful when it is answering the questions that will make a difference.


Data Takes a Long Time to Gather

The data in your organization is owned by different people, is housed in several different platforms, and is reported inconsistently, or at least not exactly when you need answers. You’re wasting a lot of time asking for and waiting for answers to your business questions.


No Standardized Reporting

With different systems and people providing analyses, it’s no wonder the reports that are received are inconsistent and challenging to integrate. Without standardization, it’s hard to see the big picture.


Important Insights Aren’t Obvious

Sometimes we get lost in the weeds of our facility data, and we miss out on proactively assessing the metrics that are critical for our clinical outcomes, compliance risk, and facility financial performance.


SNF Metrics Consolidates Your Data Sources and Delivers Insights You Can Trust

Our platform is built with the most important SNF analytics for Clinical/EHR, Financial, Payroll, Billing (and more!) in mind. It looks across all of your systems to create links, insights, and opportunities you can take action on.

Putting Your Data to Work

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