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Choose SNF Metrics, the preferred software for numerous facilities nationwide, ensuring optimized care, streamlined revenue cycles, and improved census with our innovative, cloud-based solutions.

Efficient Accounts Receivable Management

Minimize Bad Debt Expenses with AR Max

SNF Metrics provides real-time insights and trends, ensuring confident and efficient collections and reducing bad debt expenses.

  • Streamline accounts receivable
  • Ensure confident and efficient collections
  • Reduce bad debt expenses

Safeguard with Risk Suite

Implement a risk management solution that reduces insurance premiums by reducing and properly documenting all risks.  A live risk dashboard and workflow App integrated with your EMR ensures all documentation is captured and resident care plans are properly updated in a timely manner.

  • Reduce Insurance Premiums
  • Capture All Required Risk Documentation
  • Ensure Care Plans Are Updated In A Timely Manner

Informed Decision-Making

Navigate Clearly with SNF Compass

SNF Compass provides operators with detailed, easy-to-understand dashboards, aiding in making informed decisions regarding Census, Staffing, Reimbursement, and Clinical Outcomes.

  • Make informed decisions regarding Census
  • Optimize Staffing and Reimbursement strategies
  • Improve Clinical Outcomes

Insightful Operational Management

Regain Control with SNF Metrics

SNF Metrics unlocks your trapped patient and financial data, providing real-time, insightful, and structured information, ensuring you manage your LTC facilities confidently and efficiently.

  • Unlock trapped patient and financial data
  • Provide real-time, insightful information
  • Ensure structured management of LTC facilities

Empowering Skilled Nursing Operators with Long-Term Care Software

SNF Metrics delivers interactive apps and reports, enhancing financial and clinical performance across various operational domains for post-acute and senior care providers by providing real-time insights and trend analysis.


Financial Stability

Simplify accounts management and billing, ensuring optimal collections and financial stability.


Boost Efficiency

Navigate challenges with enhanced visibility into clinical, staffing, reimbursement, and census domains.

Clinical Staff

Enhance Care

Identify and mitigate potential risks in real-time, elevating the quality of care provided.


Improved Compliance

Utilize dashboards and workflows for enhanced risk reporting and minimized liability issues.


Mitigate Risks

Reduce insurance premiums and improve ratings while minimizing litigation risks.


Seamless Integration

Integrated with 20+ software systems, providing a comprehensive, secure communication platform.

Client Testimonials

Streamlining Operations with SNF Metrics Software

Effortlessly navigate the complexities of skilled nursing facility management with our intuitive and insightful software solutions designed to elevate your operational efficiency and clinical performance.

Step 1: Demo

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Explore the capabilities and features of our software, ensuring it aligns with your facility’s needs.

Step 2: Setup


We ensure a smooth transition and setup, customized to your facility’s unique requirements.

Step 3: Deploy

Optimize & Thrive

Leverage real-time insights and streamlined workflows to enhance your facility.

Elevate Your Facility’s Performance Today

Don’t let operational inefficiencies hinder your facility’s potential. Unlock streamlined management and enhanced patient care with SNF Metrics now.

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You Have Lots of Data, But Very Few Insights

Data is only useful when it is answering the questions that will make a difference. Your data needs organization and structure to manage your LTC facilities with confidence. Choose the advanced products and services provided by SNF Metrics.

The data in your long-term care facilities is owned by different people, is housed in several different platforms, and is reported inconsistently, or at least not exactly when you need answers, You're wasting a lot of valuable time asking and waiting for answers to your business questions.

SNF Metrics utilizes the most advanced tools and is comprised of senior living experts bringing a software platform that serves and supports your entire senior living and nursing home operation. SNF Metrics advances your census, clinical, reimbursement, and staffing operations.

‘With different systems and people providing analyses, it’s no wonder their reports and insights are inconsistent and difficult to trust. Without data integration and standardization, it’s hard for users to see the big picture. Facilities that manage their operation without SNF Metrics are burdened with unnecessary paperwork and data collection assignments.

Sometimes we get lost in the weeds of our facility data, and we miss out on proactively assessing the metrics that are critical for our clinical outcomes, compliance risk, and facility financial performance.

For example, what happens if you increase staffing payroll by 20%? One customer utilized our staffing dashboard and calculated that a 20% staffing payroll increase would reduce overtime and agency fees and overall payroll expenses.

As the local community learned of the pay raise, the nursing home experienced an increase in new clinical care staff. The outcome was more staff, reduced payroll, and increased census. Our software and services provide facilities insights that are often truthful but counterintuitive. Confidence in your data can lead to better outcomes.


Uniting Organizations for Healthcare Solutions

SNF Metrics partners with innovative organizations to provide resident care solutions. Our valued partnerships enable us to solve healthcare challenges.

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Enhanced Risk Management White Paper Cover

Post-Acute Care Case Study

Reduce your insurance premiums by $100,000/mo

Skilled Nursing Facilities can improve their risk management without tearing down their existing ways of doing things or undergoing a significant organizational change initiative.

SNF Metrics Consolidates Your Data Sources and Delivers Insights You Can Trust

Our platform is built with the most important SNF analytics for Clinical/EHR, Financial, Payroll, Billing (and more!) in mind. It looks across all of your systems to create links, insights, and opportunities you can take action on.

Putting Your Data to Work

Improve financial stability with reliable insights

Say goodbye to confusing and irrelevant reports with SNF Metrics.

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