Widely Adopted in Healthcare

SNF Metrics is trusted by healthcare providers nationwide, significantly improving senior care’s entire operation and patient care. With over 2,000 senior care communities in 39 states, SNF Metrics is the leader in senior care business intelligence. Our Referral Tracking System is the most advanced platform available today.

Accelerate Decision-Making

Real-Time Referral Insights

Unlock fast, data-driven referral matching, improving patient placement accuracy and speed.

Enhance Care Coordination

Seamless EHR Integration

RTS is directly connected with hospital EHR interfaces for streamlined patient information exchange.

Improve Care Transitions

Patient Satisfaction

Facilitate smoother transitions from hospital to care centers, boosting patient and family satisfaction. With AI-powered patient document review, ensure admissions coordinators do not miss treatments, diagnoses, medications and more. Accept patients that exactly fit your center and expertise.

Optimize Facility Performance

Operational Efficiency

Build confidence in your ability to manage and maintain your census with RTS. Utilize the most advanced referral tracking system in the industry today to qualify and accept patients. Accept hospital discharges faster than your competition.

Ideal for a Range of Senior Care Managers

Optimized for enhancing referral efficiency and patient care across key healthcare positions:

Admissions Directors

Receive and accept patient referrals in real time in our cloud-based portal. One system does it all. Technology provides an eligibility and background check instantly. All patient documentation is reviewed by an AI-powered platform ensuring an accurate patient assessment. Never miss a treatment, medication or diagnosis with SNF Metric’s RTS.

Healthcare Administrators

Optimize referral processes and census with strategic insights.

Risk Managers and Compliance Officers

Ensure patient safety and care with qualified referrals. Exactly understand all diagnoses, treatments, behavioral health, medications eligibility and more before accepting an admission thus reducing your risks.

IT and Cybersecurity Professionals

Facilitate secure, seamless EHR integration for safer referral processes. Build confidence in our IT organization.

Client Testimonials

Streamline Your Referral Process

Simplify referral management with a three-step approach, ensuring effective patient care coordination.

Step 1: Implement

Launch SNF Metric’s RTS product today to connect seamlessly with hospital HER interfaces, launch AI-powered patient document review and qualification and gain access to a complete dashboard of referral trends and insights.

Step 2: Match

Utilize advanced algorithms to match patients with the right care facilities quickly. Instantly “Click and go” from new referral to acceptance with the RTS cloud-based platform.

Step 3: Satisfaction

Improve patient and family satisfaction through efficient, accurate placements. Your facility care team will also be pleased to get patients that best fit to their skills and experience.

Upgrade Your Referral Workflow Today

Expedite accurate care transitions and patient satisfaction. Start with the Referral Tracking System today.

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