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Healthcare leaders, lawyers and insurers endorse the rapid response Risk Management App for fast and accurate responses to high risk incidents.

Timely and Accurate High-Risk Responses

Streamlined Workflow

The Risk Management App takes your top resident risks and makes them a priority for your entire organization. Orderly, simple and timely, these top risks are communicated across the risk ecosystem and your rapid response teams have the information they need, in real time, to generate a proper response. The App ensures risks are properly documented and all necessary parties are informed.

Quick, Coordinated Action

Rapid Response Facilitation and Documentation

High risks are automatically and instantly submitted to the employees and professionals you designate. This team, your Risk Rapid Response Team, now has the accurate data they need review, identify and quickly respond.

Unified Response Effort

Enhanced Team Collaboration

Facilitate seamless collaboration among Rapid Response Teams for effective risk mitigation. Coordinate between employees, contractors, lawyers and insurers in real time. Risk Management is your complete rapid response workflow and communication tool.

Perfect for Teams Focused on Safety and Compliance

Ideal for those in healthcare facilities dedicated to maintaining high safety standards and regulatory compliance through effective risk management.

Healthcare Administrators

Enhance facility safety and compliance with streamlined risk processes and timely responses.

Risk Managers and Compliance Officers

Know all risks in real time across a spectrum of facilities and operators in an instant. Receive alerts of your high risks. Respond and resolve before all others.

Rapid Response Teams

Respond swiftly to elevated risks with coordinated communication and action plans. The Risk Management App was built by rapid response teams just like yours.

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Navigate Risk with Confidence

Take command of risk management with the Risk Manager. Equip your team with advanced analytics and proactive strategies to safeguard your operation against uncertainties. Gain a comprehensive understanding by downloading our informative flyer.

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Efficiently Respond Rapidly To High Risks in Three Steps

Simplify and organize your risk rapid response with confidence in three straightforward steps, ensuring effective and timely risk control:

Step 1: Automatic High-Risk Alerts

Quickly understand and target all high risks across an entire SNF portfolio. Resident risks are uploaded into the Risk Management App, with recommended next steps, insights and team workflows for accurate coordination and responses.

Step 2: Communication

Enable clear, rapid communication among Rapid Response Teams for coordinated action.

Step 3: Closure

Target and monitor elevated risks in real-time with a comprehensive dashboard, guiding proactive responses and closure.

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Empower your risk rapid response team with our Risk Management App for enhanced safety and compliance. Optimize your risk handling today to stay compliance and reduce your insurance premiums.

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