There’s An Easier Way to Track Grievances


Hint: it’s not on paper or a spreadsheet


Easy Complaint Intake & Tracking

Grievances range from missing items, and food complaints to staff behavior and more serious matters. All complaints and concerns need to be tracked and managed. The Grievance Log makes it simple. The system is set up in minutes and provides intuitive drop-down menus that make staff training minimal.

Short Summaries, Full Reports- You Choose


The Grievance Log captures a comprehensive data set concerning individual complaints & concerns, but a full report is not always needed. Grievance Log allows for short summary reports to share with residents and families as well as more in-depth reports for Quality Improvement discussions.

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Real-Time Monitoring- Across Facilities

The Grievance Log Dashboard is a one-stop shop for a high-level view of status and trends. You can view grievance reporting and resolution at the resident level or zoom out to view trends across multiple facilities. It is easy to get started, and takes minutes to set-up.

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Advance Your Grievance Management

Elevate your facility’s approach to grievances with our state-of-the-art Grievance Log. This powerful SNF Metrics Risk Management Suite component transforms how you track and resolve issues, ensuring nothing is overlooked. Download the flyer to explore a world of streamlined operations and rapid resolution.

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