AR Max - What's Included

What's Included in AR Max

Maximize Efficiency with AR Apps & Dashboards

Experience unparalleled oversight of your accounts receivable processes using the AR Tracker app. Enhance your financial tracking with AR Tracker, featuring a comprehensive bundle of AR-focused reports ready to use straight out of the box.


Offer insights and analytics from compiled data, highlighting trends and performance metrics for strategic decision-making.

  • Included:

  • AR Tracking Dashboard
  • Billing Dashboard
  • Worker’s Compensation Dashboard


Streamline data capture with form-based tools, ensuring accurate and organized information for operations and compliance.

  • Included:

  • AR Tracking

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Choose SNF Metrics, the preferred software for numerous facilities nationwide, ensuring optimized care, streamlined revenue cycles, and improved census with our innovative, cloud-based solutions.

Real-Time Financial Management

Simplify Your Accounts Receivable with AR Max

AR Max eliminates the complexities of managing accounts receivable and reimbursements in healthcare, providing SNF operators with a tool that offers real-time insights and trends, ensuring financial stability and optimized operations.

  • Reduce bad debt expenses to 1%
  • Streamline financial management
  • Enhance revenue cycle robustness

Comprehensive Risk Management

Build Confidence with Effective Risk Management

AR Max empowers healthcare providers to manage risks effectively, ensuring timely patient payments, improved cash flow, and significantly reduced bad debt expenses, thereby instilling confidence in your financial management.

  • Improve patient payment timeliness
  • Enhance cash flow
  • Minimize bad debt expenses

Unified Patient and Financial Data

Access All Necessary Data from a Single Portal

AR Max consolidates your data, providing a unified portal that eliminates the need to toggle between multiple systems, ensuring that every piece of information you need is readily available, enhancing decision-making and operational efficiency.

  • Centralize data access
  • Facilitate informed decision-making
  • Boost operational efficiency

Automated and Streamlined AR Workflows

Enhance Efficiency with Automated AR Workflows

AR Max automates most of your accounts receivable processes, streamlining communication across buildings, regionals, and corporate entities, ensuring that revenue cycle management is not a constant challenge but a seamless, efficient process.

  • Automate accounts receivable processes
  • Streamline communication across entities
  • Ensure seamless revenue cycle management

Improved Financial Management with AR Max

AR Max is your simplified solution to managing accounts receivable and reimbursements for SNF operators and healthcare financial professionals.

SNF Operators

Simplify financial navigation with AR Max’s real-time insights.

Financial Managers

Stabilize operations and reimbursements using AR Max.

Healthcare Administrators

Effortlessly consolidate and access financial data with AR Max.

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Elevate Financial Management with AR Max

Optimize your financial management in just three easy steps.

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Embrace streamlined, error-minimized revenue cycle management with AR Max.

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20+ Reports Built by Operators and Finance Managers Just Like You

AR Max comes with 20 preconfigured reports that reviews just your billing and patient data including:

AMA Discharge Audits

Ensure accurate and compliant AMA discharges with audits that highlight discrepancies and facilitate corrections.

AR Ledgers

Maintain a detailed record of all accounts receivable transactions, ensuring transparency and aiding in financial analysis.

Average Rate Comparisons

Compare average rates across different periods or entities, providing insights into pricing and revenue trends.

Average Rate Details

Dive into the specifics of your average rates, understanding the nuances and factors contributing to your pricing.

Cash Percentage Trends

Analyze the trends in cash percentages over time, identifying patterns and informing cash flow management strategies.

Collections by Payer Types

Break down collections data by payer type, offering insights into which entities are contributing most to your revenue.

Collections by Residents

Understand collections on a per-resident basis, aiding in individual account management and financial planning.

Collections Dashboards

Get a comprehensive view of your collections data, enabling quick insights and facilitating informed decision-making.

Collections Letters

Generate letters for collections, ensuring communication with payers is consistent, professional, and compliant.

Daily Cash Receipts

Monitor daily cash inflows, keeping a close eye on your immediate financial position and ensuring optimal cash management.

Data Entry Errors

Identify and rectify data entry errors swiftly, ensuring accurate and reliable data for financial management.

DSO Trends

Track Days Sales Outstanding trends to manage credit sales and understand the average collection period.

HIPPS Audits

Conduct audits on Health Insurance Prospective Payment System (HIPPS) codes, ensuring accuracy and compliance in billing.

Missing Billing Data Reports

Identify and address any billing data gaps, ensuring your financial records' completeness and accuracy.

MMQ Audits

Perform audits on Minimum Monthly Quantities (MMQ) to ensure accurate billing and optimal inventory management.

Potential Medicare Eligibility

Identify residents who may be eligible for Medicare, ensuring optimal utilization of available funding sources.

Private Bills

Manage and review bills for private payers, ensuring accurate, timely, and compliant billing practices.

Revenue Reconciliations

Ensure that recorded revenue aligns with actual cash inflows, identifying discrepancies and ensuring accurate financial reporting.

Timely Collections Comparisons

Compare collection periods over different intervals, identifying trends and informing your collections strategy.


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