A Comprehensive Dashboard for Strategic Decision-Making

Nursing Home Risk Management is complicated, and regulations are detailed.  Documenting and being responsive is not an option; it’s a requirement. Built by operators for operators, the Risk Dashboard provides the necessary information you need to manage all risks in a single home or across hundreds.  Integrated with your EMR, data is quickly analyzed, and insights are generated.  Our risk reports can be viewed in a dashboard or submitted directly to your email so that you can always stay informed.  SNF Metrics’ technology employs logic that provides a resident risk score to ensure rapid response where required.

Navigate uncertainties, monitor key metrics, and make data-driven decisions confidently.

The Dashboard is an important component of SNF Metrics’ Risk Reporter workflow and communication app


Forged by Seasoned Risk Management Pioneers

28+ Comprehensive Risk Reports Manage All Risk Components

All Facilities Overview, Duplicate Incident, Facility Comparison, Facility Trend, Incident Care Plan Audit, Incident Detail, Incident List, Injury Detail, Resident Repeat Incident, Response Time Summary and much more.

Visualize Historic Data for Risk Assessments

Reduce Risks: Uncover Incident Patterns and Address Them

Instantly dive into risks with visual representations that uncover ongoing and emerging incident trends within your Skilled Nursing Facilities. Leverage historical data for strategic risk assessments and proactive decision-making.


Take the guesswork out of risks.

Improve Compliance and Reduce Claims

The Risk Dashboard provides the single tool your risk management team needs to ensure all risks are properly and thoroughly documented, a rapid response is initiated, and can easily be shared with Management, Surveyors, Insurers and Lawyers.

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