A Single Dashboard for All Your System Data

An intelligent dashboard that offers near real-time access to the data you need to take smart, decisive action. All your information from all your systems, all in one place.

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Collect Actionable Data

By extracting and blending information from various systems, SNF Metrics transforms data into the knowledge necessary to make decisions for improved quality of care, compliance, and fiscal health.

About Our Apps

Use Your Data Well With the SNF Metrics Centralized Data Platform

Manage through your operational chaos with data insights from the systems you already have. The SNF Metrics centralized data platform brings it all together.


Reports & Analytics

Insights from all areas of your operation (clinical, financial, billing, purchasing, payroll, compliance, and rehospitalization)

Quality Measures Tracking

Keep on top of five-star ratings, PBJ, QAPI, staffing, and reimbursement changes (PDPM)

Custom Data Views

High-level views with drill-down capabilities to the resident level.

Visual Data Insights

Dynamic charts and graphs create a narrative of each of your facilities and the overall company.

System Agnostic Sources

You won’t have to change your systems to use our Platform to generate insights. Work with the data you have.

Root Cause Analysis

Get consultant-level insights without hiring a consultant. Analytics to assist with better data interpretation.

Predictive Modeling

Predictive modeling for five-star rating, staffing level, high-risk clinical areas, and financial performance.

Data Trends

Report on current and historical performance to identify opportunities for growth & risk management.

Custom Data Alerts

Receive real-time emails when your data shows certain trends, outcomes or conditions.


Link All of Your Data With One Platform

SNF Metrics integrates with the most common systems used by skilled care facilities, including

  • EHR/Clinical
  • Financial
  • Payroll
  • Therapy
  • Billing
  • Risk management/incidents
  • Marketing/referrals
  • Pharmacy
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