Trusted Healthcare Risk Management Tools

With Excellent Risk Management and Monitoring, You Can Enjoy:

Enhanced Confidence

Nothing beats the feeling of having everything under control, but that’s unfortunately rare in the busy healthcare industry. With SNF Metrics, it is achievable for your entire healthcare system.

Our system is built to provide proper documentation, assess all risks, monitor changes in real-time, and predict future risks by individual facility, territory, or an entire portfolio.

Streamlined Risk Reporting

Save time and effort with comprehensive risk reports that condense all the details you need to know in one place.

Increased Protection for Staff and Patients

The safety of your staff and patient well-being are your number one priority. When you choose SNF Metrics, you’re investing in a software system built with the same values in mind. Our tools enable everyone across the organization in a healthcare setting to fully understand the scope of their risks, avoid unseen issues such as sentinel events, and proactively reduce all potential harm.

Increased Regulatory Compliance

Organizations that fail to comply with regulations face reputational damage, financial penalties, and other costly repercussions. Our integrated healthcare technologies help you stay ahead of regulatory concerns with comprehensive risk management strategies and compliance solutions that reduce penalties– and improve your bottom line.

Improved Revenue

Insufficient risk management plans can mean financial losses, which put an entire organization at financial risk.

When your SNF organization is more compliant and less likely to experience liabilities, its litigation expenses and damages dramatically decrease. With Risk Suite, every detail of every risk is thoroughly captured and analyzed to minimize your litigation expenses.

Furthermore, proving your compliance with insurance providers often helps you to benefit from lowered premiums.

With greater control, confidence, and compliance comes stabilized and even improved revenues.

No more scrambling for data

With consolidated data, you can easily obtain the insight you need to make smart operational decisions while maintaining a unified view of your entire organization.

Understand risks by unit, staff member, date/time, and risk type (falls, wounds, elopement, infections). Sort risks by all facilities and target your facilities with the highest claims. It’s even easy for different departments and users to see the same data simultaneously as your entire team across the organization (staff, insurers, lawyers) is displayed on the same page.

This also makes it easier to communicate with relevant stakeholders.

Why So Many Healthcare Organizations Choose to Use Risk Suite

Healthcare organizations are responsible for some of society’s most vulnerable individuals – they don’t have the luxury of making mistakes. SNF Metrics’ Risk Suite software helps ensure that your organization understands all risks and is proactive in risk mitigation.

Our software is used by healthcare organizations across the United States, from small rural clinics to large urban centers. Our tools improve patient health while reducing organizational risks. SNF Metrics’ healthcare risk management software is the right decision for many reasons. We make a point of setting our solutions apart with next-level features and enterprise-grade systems, tailored to your needs.

Risk Managers prefer Risk Suite for its ease of use, seamless integration with EMRs, real-time analytics, communication tools, and accurate data capture capabilities. We developed our risk management platform specifically for the healthcare risk manager.

Who is Risk Suite Right For?

Risk Suite is trusted by healthcare organizations big and small to simplify and amplify their risk management strategies.

Ideally, a healthcare organization has a robust risk management plan to improve patient outcomes, lower operational risk, and manage compliance.

We know that this isn’t always the case, though. There can be problems with your software solutions and administrative systems, cracks in the reporting process, and even adverse events like an unforeseen data breach.

Risk Suite is especially useful for organizations that find that they:

  1. Take a long time to gather dataData might be owned by different people, housed in several different platforms, reported inconsistently, or reported untimely.
  2. Don’t have standardized reportingWith different systems and people providing analyses, it’s no wonder the reports that are received are inconsistent and challenging to integrate. Without standardization, it’s hard to see the big picture.
  3. Don’t enjoy important insights which should be obviousSometimes you can get lost in the weeds of your facility data, and miss out on proactively assessing the metrics that are critical for clinical outcomes, compliance risk, and facility financial performance.

Getting Started With Our Healthcare Risk Management Software Is Easy

We understand how demanding the SNF environment is and aim to make our solutions as accessible and quickly-deployable as possible. Risk Suite is designed for ease of use and can quickly be customized for your unique needs.

Here's how it works:

Data and Integration

Step 1 - Reach Out for a Demo


Try before you buy with our no-obligation enterprise risk management software demo offer. With it, you’ll get the chance to explore the full features of Risk Suite and determine whether they’re the right fit for your operations.

Analytics and Reports

Step 2 - Configure the Platform


Once you’ve decided to move forward, our team will assist in configuring Risk Suite for your specific risk management needs. This includes setting up user accounts, customizing reporting and data parameters, and more. Risk Suite is easily incorporated into your existing workflows.

Take Action

Step 3 - Start Leveraging Your Healthcare Risk Management Software


Risk Suite is deployed in the cloud, so you can start leveraging its power immediately. Monitor risk management performance, run reports, and track grievances from your laptop or mobile device – and say goodbye to manual data entry and tedious analysis for good.

Grow Your Long-Term Care Operation With Reliable Insights

Get to the data you want when you want it. Saving you and your team invaluable time.

Regardless if your primary goal is to improve resident care, manage clinical care staff, or confidently add new facilities, the SNF Metrics software is your tool for success.

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Healthcare risk management software: One size does not fit all

Healthcare is particularly sensitive to risk management. Managing risk isn’t just about business. Patients and staff are an integral part of any organization and are the most important of all an organization’s resources.

Make Better Decisions and Improve Performance
Trusted-by-long-term Image

Safety is an important element within any risk management strategy

This is true for all organizations, but especially in healthcare settings. Many healthcare organizations consider using Generic Risk Management Information Systems (RMIS) for many reasons and often do.

This is mainly because other parts of the business use the same system, which is easier to maintain and cheaper to use.

However, these generic RMIS might not be able to meet these demands.

Make The Complexities of Risk Management Disappear

Risk Suite has everything you need to take on the complexities of risk management confidently. Our combined Apps, reports, and user interface are simple, fast, and highly effective.

If you’re in the healthcare industry and want to get healthcare risk management software that ticks all the boxes, contact us today.

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Improve financial stability with reliable insights

Say goodbye to confusing and irrelevant reports with SNF Metrics.

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