Endorsed by Leading Risk Managers

Risk Reporter is the chosen solution for risk management by top risk managers, recognized for its effectiveness in enhancing safety and compliance. SNF Operators, Risk Consultants, lawyers and insurers all rely on Risk Reporter.

EHR Integration

Generating a risk report can take time away from staff providing resident care. Integrating the SNF Metrics Risk Reporter with your EHR not only reduces the time to complete a risk report, it ensures a high degree of accuracy. Data is uploaded from your EHR into Risk Reporter saving data entry and reducing report errors and omissions.

Customized Risk Reporting

Because not each risk is the same, Risk Reporter generates a custom risk report depending upon the risk type. Each set of questions and required information is specific to the risk you are reporting on. Choose your risk type-fall, elopement, mechanical, behavior and more–and the appropriate risk report will be auto-generated.

Drop Down Menus and Mandatory Fields

Risk Reporter can be programmed so that no incomplete risk report can be saved. Ensure all pertinent data is collected at the time of the incident. Risk Reporter fields must be completed. Drop down menus expedite the data entry process. Never wish your team would have taken the extra time to be more complete and accurate.

Integrated Data Analysis

Leverage both EMR and Risk Reporter data for detailed risk insights, identifying trends and prevention strategies. A resident risk scoring algorithm enables operators to quickly elevate high risks and launch a rapid response. Risk mitigation QAPI reports can be generated in an instant. A full suite of reports and analytics provides the confidence your operation needs to open, address and respond to every risk regardless of time, location or severity.

Early Detection and Action

Proactive Risk Management

Facilitate early risk identification and intervention, improving resident safety and compliance.

Ease of Use

User-Friendly Interface

Designed for simplicity, ensuring all staff can effectively utilize the system.

Ideal for a Range of SNF Managers

Risk Reporter is designed for key roles within SNFs, aiming to enhance operational efficiency, safety, and compliance:

Healthcare Executives and Administrators

Get automatic alerts when high-risk incidents occur and launch your Rapid Response Team instantly. Manage open risks and ensure all are addressed in a complete and timely manner. Gather risk insights and build stronger risk mitigation strategies.

Risk Managers/Risk Consultants

Ensure your staff is adhering to proper risk policies and procedures with the Risk Reporter workflow and communication platform. Mandatory fields and drop down menus align an entire operation on proper risk policies and procedures. Utilize the captured data to formulate a proper response and generate future risk mitigation plans.

Compliance Officers and Legal Staff

Risk Reporter was built by operators just like you. With Risk Reporter your compliance and legal staff have complete documentation they can rely on to stay complaint and reduce legal risks. Staff must complete all fields in order to capture and save an individual risk report thus ensuring proper and complete documentation.


Insurers wishing to reduce their exposure to risks rely on Risk Reporter. Insurers get real time alerts when risks are generated and can work with their operators to quickly and properly address these risks. Risk Reporter aides operators to reduce their insurance premiums.

IT Professionals

Simplify EMR integration and secure data management with Risk Reporter.

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Simplify Risk Management in Three Steps

Risk Reporter revolutionizes risk management in SNFs through a streamlined, efficient process.

Step 1: Integration

Seamlessly connects with your EMR for accurate data capture.

Step 2: Reporting

Enables quick and precise risk report generation with minimal effort.

Step 3: Action

Proactive risk mitigation strategies based on data & analytics.

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