SNF Metrics’ Clinical Dashboard is the key to improve staff efficiencies, remain compliant and improve the resident experience.

The SNF Metrics technology enables an individual facility to gain purposeful insights that lead to better clinical outcomes, regulatory compliance, and risk mitigation. One of the better features of the Clinical Dashboard is its ability to give clinical leaders and their staff valuable time back.

Clinical leaders that manage multiple homes can quickly target high and low-performing facilities. Multi-facility clinical leaders can easily dive into the numerator/denominator from our QM Details report to maximize 5-star ratings. Compare Hospital Discharges by facilities. Review multiple facilities’ “End of Day” reports in minutes. What are the gaps in your clinical insights today?

Developed By Experienced Clinical Leaders

Comprised Of 25 Reports

Available Beds ,Clinical Metrics Summary across all facilities ,Clinical Report Detail ,CoreQ Data ,End of Day Report ,GG Function Outcomes ,High Risk Falls ,Hospital Transfer Log ,New Admissions Audit ,Progress Notes/Keyword Search ,Recently Completed MDS Assessments ,Resident Latest Assessment ,SOB MDS Report ,UDA Schedule Audit ,Unplanned Hospital Discharge Analysis ,Unplanned Hospital Discharge Ranking ,Specialty Program Reports ,Specialty Program Analysis ,Facility Five Star ,Facility QM Comparison ,Facility Quality Measures ,QM MDS Detail ,Resident Quality Measures

Clinical Inteligence

Your Live Data Holds The Answers

Your live data holds the answers to improved care, improved staff –and ensuring clinical leaders just like you make the right decisions at the right time. More importantly, your complex data needs to be analyzed and presented in simple, easy to understand reports.


Accessed 3 Different Ways

Save Staff Time

1) Access the SNF Metrics Portal and review all reports instantly. 2) You can also let the SNF Metrics team set up a dashboard customized just for you, 3) or request that certain clinical reports are emailed directly to you—at the time and frequency you establish.

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