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Leaders in senior care consistently choose Claims Manager for its comprehensive, efficient claims management, enhancing legal and financial outcomes.

All-in-One Claim Handling

Comprehensive Claims Integration

Centralize every aspect of claims management, from tracking to sharing, on one platform.

Simplify Legal Processes

Streamlined Legal Coordination

Easily coordinate with all legal parties involved in claims, enhancing efficiency.

Detailed Financial Tracking

Financial Oversight

Monitor deductible payments, incurred charges, and insurance details accurately.

Real-Time Litigation Insights

Proactive Litigation Management

Utilize the dashboard for an up-to-date overview and management of litigations.

Ideal for Comprehensive Claim Handling

Designed for those in senior care management, legal teams, and insurance professionals focused on streamlining the claims process.

Senior Care Administrators

Manage insurance and legal claims efficiently, keeping facilities compliant and financially sound.

Legal Professionals

Coordinate defense and plaintiff counsel, tracking all legal aspects seamlessly.

Insurance Managers

Oversee all claim aspects in one platform, from deductible payments to carrier communications.

Risk Officers

Utilize detailed insights for better risk assessment and mitigation strategies.

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Optimize Your Claims Handling

Elevate your revenue cycle with the Claims Manager. Get the insights and control you need to manage claims efficiently, reduce turnaround time, and improve your financial outcomes. Discover the full capabilities by downloading our detailed flyer.

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Streamline Your Claims Process

Efficiently manage claims in three key steps, from initiation to resolution, ensuring comprehensive oversight.

Step 1: Organization

Easily enter and organize all claim details within a unified platform.

Step 2: Communication

Streamline communication with all parties and track every step of the claim.

Step 3: Oversight

Analyze claims through the dashboard, making informed decisions on each case.

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