Streamline Financial Intelligence: Empowering Insights with our Billing Dashboard

The billing dashboard is a business intelligence suite of live reports to improve your SNF billing operation. With 30+ reports, pulling data from most of your software systems and integrating it into one platform, operators gain real-time insights on everything from collections, aging, cash, daily cash receipts, DSO, staff data entry errors, missing authorizations, and missing data entry information.

Sort your live billing data in the most optimal manner for you.  Review by individual residents, facilities, the entire operation, by payor source, date, and more.

Instantly gain the accurate and timely insights you need to take action that reduces your bad debt expenses and improves collections. Operators that rely on the SNF Metrics Billing Dashboard have vastly improved collections rates.


Created By Experienced Financial Leaders

30+ Reports

Aging with Notes, American Medical Association (AMA) Discharge Audi, AR Ledger, Auth Audit, Average Rate, Average Rate Comparison, Average Rate Detail, Cash, Percentage Trend, Collections by Payer Type, Collections Dashboard, Daily Cash Receipts, and many more...

Revolutionizing Your Billing Processes

Efficiency Is At The Core

By consolidating vast amounts of data into a centralized platform, it minimizes errors that often arise from manual entry and cross-platform utilization. Automation takes center stage and seamlessly generates comprehensive reports. This streamlined approach not only saves time but also ensures accuracy, empowering your team to focus on strategic initiatives while fostering smoother financial operations.


All Stakeholders See And Share The Same Live Data And Respond Cohesively

Transparency Lies At The Heart Of Our Billing Dashboard

With crystal-clear clarity, it presents a comprehensive overview of all billing activities within your organization. From effortlessly tracking collections and monitoring outstanding invoices to gaining insights into your collections and potential bad debt, every facet of your billing ecosystem becomes readily accessible. This level of transparency not only promotes accountability but also facilitates informed decision-making, empowering your team to strategize effectively and optimize billing performance with confidence.

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