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Risk managers and HR professionals nationwide praise our Worker’s Comp App for transforming claims management, making it the top choice for responsiveness, accuracy and regulatory compliance.

Accelerate Claims Resolution

Automated Claim Handling

Our App extracts data from your time and attendance system and uploads all of your insurance carrier data for fast and accurate claims handling. Easily enter claims notes and data then share within your approved risk and HR ecosystem. New claims and updates are shared immediatly.

Simplify Worker’s Comp Workflow and Communication

Quickly Communicate with Your Legal and Insurance Teams

Easily update legal teams and insurers with a click, streamlining the claims process. Approved partners can also input claims data to share across the risk/HR ecosystem. A suite of Worker’s Comp live and interactive reports easily manages multiple claims over multiple locations.

Hassle-Free Reporting

OSHA Compliance

Auto-generate OSHA forms to ensure compliance and reduce manual steps that are sometimes staff-challenging, inccurate and incomplete.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Risk Insights

Leverage 15 live insights for targeted risk management and trend analysis. The power of the SNF Metrics Worker’s Comp App is in its ability to manage all employee claims over an entire portfolio of senior care facilities.

Designed for Workplace Safety and Compliance

Ideal for those managing workplace safety and navigating the complexities of Worker’s Comp claims.

Risk Managers

Optimize claims handling and risk assessment for a safer workplace.

HR Professionals

Simplify claims management and maintain compliance with ease.

Legal Teams

Streamline communication with insurers and ensure accurate reporting.

Safety Officers

Utilize insights for targeted risk prevention and workplace safety improvements.

Client Testimonials

Streamline Claims Management in Three Steps

Easily manage Worker’s Comp claims with a straightforward, efficient process.

Step 1: Claims

Enter claims swiftly, with data auto-filled from your other software platforms for accuracy and speed.

Step 2: Communication

Instantly update Managers, legal teams and insurers with just a click. Easily submit your OSHA forms.

Step 3: Compliance

Access live insights for strategic risk management

Maximize Workplace Safety Now

Empower your team with our Worker’s Comp App to manage claims efficiently, ensure compliance, and enhance workplace safety. Start optimizing your claims process today.

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