Nursing Home Operator Expands

A small nursing home operator with 3 locations in NJ and PA was successfully managing their staffing, reimbursement, AR and census using basic tools provided by various software vendors and their EMR. The process for the operator to get daily updates and to target certain aspects of the operation was simple and relatively easy–host a daily meeting with each facility’s Administrator and Director of Nursing. In addition to this, the operator was skilled at taking the data files from each facility’s EMR and downloading it to one file to then create various reports. The operator has a Chief Operating Officer that also runs the daily operation of this small chain. Even in this strutrue, the operator’s continual challenge is AR and reimbursement, even though both fall within average nursing home ranges.

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WestGate Hill – Accelerating Office

A long term care inherited a Quality of Care Corporate Integrity Agreement (CIA) after acquiring a skilled nursing facility in 2015, requiring the facility to maintain an OIG mandated compliance program including contracting with Federal Monitors. In addition to the normal challenges faced when taking over a new facility, the building had to quickly implement the requirements of the CIA including the ability to collect, analyze, use, and explain clinical and operations data in real-time.

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