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Easily Manage Accounts Receivable & Eliminate Billing Challenges

Reduce Bad Debt Expenses to 1% with AR Max

Helps manage accounts receivable and troubleshoot reimbursement challenges, providing real-time insights and trends for confident collections.

Easily Manage Accounts Receivable & Eliminate Billing Challenges
Manage Risks Effectively and Build Confidence

Manage Risks Effectively and Build Confidence

Protect Your Staff and Residents with Risk Suite

A risk management solution for SNFs that reduces insurance premiums, establishes CMS-required programs and provides dashboards and workflow applications for better risk reporting.

Make Better Decisions and Improve Performance

Gain Clarity and Control with SNF Compass

SNF Compass helps operators figure out what to do with their skilled Nursing Facilities -Census, Staffing, Reimbursement, and Clinical Outcomes with detailed and easy-to-understand dashboards.

Make Better Decisions and Improve Performance

How Long-Term Care Software helps Skilled Nursing Operators

Interactive  Apps And Reports That Improve Your Financial and Clinical Performance

SNF Metrics provides post-acute care and senior care providers with real-time insights and trend analysis to achieve operational efficiencies and streamline workflows across finance,operations, staff, compliance, risk management, managed care, worker’s comp, and pharmacy audit roles.



Our AR Max solution simplifies your accounts payable and receivable management and streamlines billing, providing real-time insights that help you optimize collections and achieve financial stability.



SNF guides nursing home operators through these challenging issues; greater visibility into your clinical, staff scheduling, reimbursement, and census. Enabling you to make real-time data-driven decisions that enhance overall performance and operational efficiency.



Grievance Log and Risk Reporter will help you protect your staff and residents by identifying potential risks in your organization in real-time, allowing you to take proactive steps to prevent accidents and improve the quality of care.



SNF Metrics includes dashboards and workflow applications for better risk reporting, helping you to meet compliance requirements and minimize potential liability issues.



Reduce insurance premiums, comply with regulations, improve ratings, and reduce litigation with Risk Suite. Streamline data entry accuracy with a user-friendly workflow app and cloud-based software that integrates with your EMR.



SNF Metrics fully integrates with 20+ software systems, a SNF-specific workflow App, and a secure communication platform in one system.

How To

Start Getting Actionable Insights

Data and Integration

Data and Integration

SNF Metrics integrates with over twenty software systems and growing.

Analytics and Reports

Analytics and Reports

Easily manage all of your organizations and improve clinical care outcomes.

Take Action

Take Action

Support your hard-working team by streamlining operations and patient care.

Grow Your Long-Term Care Operation With Reliable Insights

Get to the data you want when you want it. Saving you and your team invaluable time.

Regardless if your primary goal is to improve resident care, manage clinical care staff, or confidently add new facilities, the SNF Metrics software is your tool for success.

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Reduce your insurance premiums by $100,000/mo

Post-Acute Care Case Study

Skilled Nursing Facilities can improve their risk management without tearing down their existing ways of doing things or undergoing a significant organizational change initiative.

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Trusted by long-term care facilities and their staff members across the US to save time

Reporting requirements by our insurers, government, and legal system continue to advance. Providing exceptional clinical care services is always our top goal in nursing homes.

Managed care, hospitals, and health systems also pose their own set of rules and requirements. Every system has its own nuances and protocols.

You have multiple user names and passwords with data in so many locations it’s super challenging to keep it all accurate. Not impossible, just time-consuming and challenging.

SNF Metrics makes delivering clinical care services #1 again by doing the data research and providing the information you want in real-time.

Gain Control of Your Operational Chaos

Being an SNF Operator can be challenging in today’s market. Regulations are constantly shifting for nursing homes, profitability gets harder to achieve and maintain, patient care becomes more complex and staffing can seem like a big black hole.

Your patient and financial data should be helpful

Instead, it’s trapped in different systems and your long-term care insights are locked away. Providers spend too much time sorting and copying data.

Take Action Proactively

Take Action-Proactively

Track and trend the metrics that matter for clinical, staffing, reimbursement, and census. Notice trends before they become big problems. Easily identify opportunities to improve resident care and manage growth at early stages.

Reduce Facility Risk
Patterns in the Data

See Patterns in the Data

SNF Metrics software gives you a cross-facility bird's eye view of all your nursing homes’ risks. Target the high-risk resident, Elevate concerns to Managers, and update the resident care plan in a timely manner. Pressure from insurers, other organizations, the legal system, and regulatory requirements require proactive providers to enhance their risk mitigation strategy. Successful care providers count on SNF Metrics software.

Increase Profitability.
Operate Efficiently

Manage Your Facilities More Efficiently

Stop wasting man hours with manual data analytics and data consolidation. Tie together data from all your facilities systems: automate your analytics and insights. SNF Metrics helps users spend more time delivering resident-quality care and less time pulling and extracting data.

Improve Resident Outcomes

You Have Lots of Data, But Very Few Insights

Data is only useful when it is answering the questions that will make a difference. Your data needs organization and structure to manage your LTC facilities with confidence. Choose the advanced products and services provided by SNF Metrics.


Data Takes a Long Time to Gather

The data in your long-term care facilities is owned by different people, is housed in several different platforms, and is reported inconsistently, or at least not exactly when you need answers, You're wasting a lot of valuable time asking and waiting for answers to your business questions.

SNF Metrics utilizes the most advanced tools and is comprised of senior living experts bringing a software platform that serves and supports your entire senior living and nursing home operation. SNF Metrics advances your census, clinical, reimbursement, and staffing operations.


No Standardized Reporting

‘With different systems and people providing analyses, it’s no wonder their reports and insights are inconsistent and difficult to trust. Without data integration and standardization, it’s hard for users to see the big picture. Facilities that manage their operation without SNF Metrics are burdened with unnecessary paperwork and data collection assignments.


Important Insights Aren’t Obvious

Sometimes we get lost in the weeds of our facility data, and we miss out on proactively assessing the metrics that are critical for our clinical outcomes, compliance risk, and facility financial performance.

For example, what happens if you increase staffing payroll by 20%? One customer utilized our staffing dashboard and calculated that a 20% staffing payroll increase would reduce overtime and agency fees and overall payroll expenses.

As the local community learned of the pay raise, the nursing home experienced an increase in new clinical care staff. The outcome was more staff, reduced payroll, and increased census. Our software and services provide facilities insights that are often truthful but counterintuitive. Confidence in your data can lead to better outcomes.


Bringing Successful Organizations Together To  Solve Healthcare’s Toughest Challenges


At SNF Metrics, we believe our continued success is accomplished through collaborative efforts and strong alliances with innovative organizations. Our partners share our vision to provide the very best solutions that make a positive impact in resident care.   We value the trust these partners have placed in the SNF Metrics Business Intelligence platform and our people.  Each partnership brings unique solutions that solve healthcare’s toughest challenges.

SNF Metrics Consolidates Your Data Sources and Delivers Insights You Can Trust

Our platform is built with the most important SNF analytics for Clinical/EHR, Financial, Payroll, Billing (and more!) in mind. It looks across all of your systems to create links, insights, and opportunities you can take action on.

Putting Your Data to Work

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