SNF Compass

Critical Reports for Navigating Oceans of Data

Reports for Charting a Confident Course

SNF Compass

  • Live and interactive reports built specifically for your facilities using your existing data
  • A way to monitor and control performance over multiple facilities
  • Striking visual reports linking operational performance with financial success

Providing Great Care

Reducing readmissions, preventative care, identifying health declines early and just providing great care is the True North of any clinical team. Pull all of your clinical data into one place to see trends, treat early, manage supplies and provide proper staffing.

Today’s Top Challenge

Staffing has become a SNF operator’s top challenge. Identify gaps, project areas of concern, manage proper ratios and ensure you have adequate staffing coverage on a daily basis.

Timeliness Counts

The SNF Compass’ live reimbursement insights provide operators the most timely Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance reimbursement in the industry.

Focused Outreach

15 actionable reports, and 1 referral source map. Identify facilities, regions and health systems where census concerns are emerging. Identify trends and quickly direct your team.

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SNF Metrics didn’t start as a ‘product’ – it was born as the result of a need. A seasoned team of SNF operators was challenged with making sense of their millions of live data points to provide clear clinical and operational direction at the right time. From that place, SNF Compass was born.

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