Introducing the Evolution of SNF Metrics! 🚀

At SNF Metrics, we never sit still.

Our development team is constantly refining and building new programs, and we’re excited to share our latest features and reports with you.

In this video, we chat with Nathan Norton, VP of Operations at Marquis Health Services, about how SNF Metrics has evolved over the past four years.

From a handful of reports to now double the amount, the new portal is a one-stop-shop for all nursing home management needs.

With features like Agency Tracker and Risk Reporter, SNF Metrics has become a staple in the industry. Plus, our team is constantly innovating with new reports, such as agency trend breakdowns for each building.

If you’re ready to take your nursing home management to the next level, check out SNF Metrics today. 💪

Ellsworth Harris is Channel Sales Director at SNF Metrics