Hello, and welcome to SNF Metrics, where the start of a great customer journey begins. I’m El Harris, and today, we are thrilled to introduce you to one of our key team members, Yehuda Traube, our Vice President of Customer Experiences. In this blog, we will share with you how Yehuda has forged a successful customer care experience.  Yehuda shares some insights and opportunities for all of us interested in improving our customer’s experiences.  So fill up your mug, grab a snack and join us for a few minutes today where you are certain to take away some great insights and opportunities to share with your organization.

The Start of a Great Customer Journey

Yehuda Traube’s journey at SNF Metrics started eight years ago, where he initially worked in the skilled nursing home facilities. His transition into the SaaS (Software as a Service) space led him to SNF Metrics three years ago, where he began in sales. At that time, SNF Metrics was still in its infancy, but as the company progressed, the need for a different type of customer service became evident.

Mastering Diverse Dashboards with Expertise

SNF Metrics offers approximately eight different dashboards, each tailored to specific aspects such as census, staffing, clinical, risk, and accounts receivable. These dashboards contain live, interactive reports that seamlessly integrate with Electronic Medical Records (EMR), time and attendance, financial systems, and various other software systems. SNF Metrics continues to expand its portfolio, featuring over 200 reports and several applications designed to enhance workflow, communication, and risk management in nursing homes.  Yehuda shares with us how he and his team can keep track of this expanding portfolio, more importantly how they continue to provide value and insights to SNF Metrics customers through partnerships with other customers and the SNF Metrics Subject Matter Expert program.

Turning Bad Experiences into Success Lessons

Yehuda shared an anecdotal story about a recent customer service phone call, emphasizing the importance of delivering exceptional customer service. He recounted a situation where he personally experienced a poor customer service interaction regarding his very own automobile insurance.  Yehuda describes his personal experience and shares how he constantly learns from these encounters to continuously improve the SNF Metrics customer experience.

Continuity Amidst Industry Staff Turnover

Staff turnover is a considerable challenge in the nursing home industry, with rates potentially reaching close to 100% within 12 months. This high turnover rate poses unique challenges for software integration and staff training. Yehuda discusses successful strategies employed by his team to ensure maximum utilization in these turbulent staff turnover times.

Equality in Service: Big or Small, All Matter

Yehuda emphasized the principle of treating all clients equally, regardless of the size of their organization. He pointed out that the distinction between a big and a small client can change rapidly, and maintaining a consistent level of respect and service is essential. SNF Metrics is considering offering Service Level Agreements for clients seeking extra care and training.

Exceptional Customer Experiences

Valuing Customer Feedback for Collective Growth

SNF Metrics values customer feedback and suggestions. The product was built by operators who understood the pain points of the industry, making them receptive to client insights. The process involves having discussions with clients to understand their suggestions and then bringing them to the development team. Most suggestions are feasible, but the timeframe for implementation may vary.   Yehuda describes how SNF Metrics never stops developing and adding new analytics and Apps to not only just serve our customers, but the industry as a whole. Improving care is our highest achievement.

Yehuda Traube’s commitment to providing top-notch customer experiences and his dedication to continuous improvement make him an invaluable asset to all SNF Metrics customers.  Our customers react, providing feedback that they feel as if Yehuda and his team work for them—a huge compliment to them!  SNF Metrics’ focus on expanding the platform of dashboards and Apps based upon customer requests, helping SNF’s maintaining consistency amidst high staff turnover, and turning customer feedback into actions are top opportunities today.  But, as Yehuda shares, we follow the needs and demands of our customers.  The SNF Metrics Customer Success team is ready for the next opportunity to serve and support.

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