El Harris, SNF Metrics and Ryan Hedges, Medline Vice President of Regional Field Sales, Northeast, discuss The Medline Model and why they work with SNF Metrics.

In the ever-evolving post-acute care services market, a skilled nursing facility’s (SNF) successes are measured by how effective and efficient they are at delivering exceptional resident care. Medline, a medical supply manufacturer, distributor, and solutions provider focused on improving the overall operating performance of healthcare, understands this philosophy and embraces it. Their partnership with SNF Metrics highlights their commitment to this high level of service.

Join us in this video series as we meet Ryan Hedges, Vice President of Regional Field Sales, Northeast of Medline Industries, and discuss both The Medline Difference and the value SNF Metrics brings to their customers.

Ryan Hedges - Senior Vice President/Post Acute Care Sales/ Medline Industries
Ryan Hedges – Senior Vice President/Post Acute Care Sales/ Medline Industries

Episode 01

Ryan Hedges: Unlocking Success in Post-Acute Care

In this episode, Ryan shares how Medline’s strategic approach and their investment in personnel and technology set them apart from the competition. With over a thousand dedicated field representatives across the continuum of care and 35, 000-plus employees worldwide, Medline is more than just a supplier of medical products.  By investing in education, providing the latest products, and offering value-added solutions like SNF Metrics to their customers, Medline helps its customers successfully navigate the challenges of the post-acute care landscape.

Episode 02

Unstoppable Dedication: Medline’s Extraordinary Stories

Unstoppable dedication defines the Medline Mission. Hear from Ryan how Medline rises above challenges and keeps the “Medline Machine” running, from overcoming natural disasters to supply chain disruptions, Ryan and El share amazing stories of Medline’s past successes in keeping supplies rolling regardless of the situation.

Episode 03

Revolutionizing Nursing Home Care with SNF Metrics

Medline recognizes that nursing home care goes beyond supplying medical products; it involves innovative solutions to help with staffing shortages, optimizing census results, and providing specialized care. Enter SNF Metrics, the revolutionary data consolidation tool that empowers nursing home operators to make intelligent business decisions. SNF Metrics further propels Medline’s role as a business consultant, enabling nursing home operators to run their businesses more efficiently. Join us as we delve into the impact of SNF Metrics on revolutionizing nursing home care.

University of Texas System enters $120 million partnership with Medline - Medline Newsroom

Episode 04

The Customer Benefits of Medline’s Partnership with SNF Metrics

Being a Medline customer opens the doors to numerous benefits other than just cost-effective, quality supplies. Ryan and El discuss the value-added solutions Medline provides including access to SNF Metrics.


These two -organizations have aligned to help nursing homes optimize their clinical and financial operations. The value of SNF Metrics is in clinical and operational business intelligence that allows nursing home leaders the insights to make smart, on-time decisions that improve care and the bottom line.

SNF Metrics integrates with almost 20 different nursing home-based software systems saving time, perfecting accurate and timely data, and bringing confidence to any organization. Medline brings over 100 years of healthcare expertise, innovation, and experience. SNF Metrics is an important part of Medline’s business software solution offering.

We thank Medline’s Ryan Hedges for spending some time with us to explain the past, present, and bright future of our partner, Medline Industries, and the value SNF Metrics brings to their customers.

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