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Brick Township, NJ — SNF Metrics, a leading developer of cloud-based software Apps and Reports for the skilled nursing industry, has teamed with TapestryHealth, an industry leader and pioneer in Proactive Care Technologies.  Together their combined suite of products and services deliver a total care management system.  Nursing home operators that partner with both SNF Metrics and Tapestry receive SNF Metrics at no direct cost to the facility.

“We are experts at integrating live data from multiple software systems and making sense of it in simple, meaningful ways that SNF leaders can use on a daily basis to drive successful outcomes,” said Hillel Zafir, CEO of New Jersey-based SNF Metrics.  “I’ve known Mordy Eisenberg for many years and he has always been an advocate for patient care, and with his leadership TapestryHealth is living this mission.  The SNF Metrics Clinical Dashboard, aligned with the care TapestryHealth provides, proves again that improving patient care is alive and well! Our live Clinical Care Insights is a trusted clinical intelligence platform that improves care and is used by almost a thousand nursing homes today.  Having TapestryHealth choose us as a partner is validation that what we do at SNF Metrics is insightful and important.”

One of the biggest challenges in running a for-profit skilled nursing facility is overcoming the hurdle that TapestryHealth is considered a cost center, not a profit center.  But by offering products that improve care and increase profitability, TapestryHealth has changed that perception.

Mordy Eisenberg, Co-Founder of TapestryHealth, explained it: “Care is labor intensive and expensive. Good care is very expensive.  At TapestryHealth, we created a proprietary platform that integrates advanced technology, the kind that actually reduces labor requirements, and applied AI and machine learning to analyze millions of bits of data on a facility, regional and national basis.  Then we drill down to a bed-by-bed basis in a way that makes nurses more effective, more efficient, and able to deliver far better care.  Our predictive modeling can alert staff as much as 72 hours in advance of a serious viral or bacterial outbreak.”

“When you add that kind of sophisticated care without increasing the cost of operations at all, and combine it with SNF Metrics’ reporting and custom APPS that create the greatest possible operational efficiency, then you have a SNF whose patients are a profit center.  When you can make providing care profitable, then every patient receives even more care and what we call a win-win.”

About SNF Metrics

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SNF Metrics develops solutions for skilled nursing facilities to optimize the care they provide, shorten revenue cycles, and improve operational effectiveness in all areas. Their cloud-based reporting systems and APPS are simple to use, boast an extremely short learning curve, and have been successfully deployed in over 2,000 facilities in 39 states.  Finance, operations, clinical outcomes, compliance, risk management and IT Accounts receivable, risk management, reimbursements, staffing, census management and clinical outcomes are all part of SNF Metrics’ solutions. Learn more at snfmetrics.com


About TapestryHealth

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TapestryHealth is a multi-specialty healthcare practice that utilizes advanced technology to provide face-to-face evaluation and treatment at the patient’s bedside in skilled nursing facilities and other post-acute environments. Tapestry’s team of doctors, PAs, NPs and multiple medical specialists see patients at their bedsides, 24/7, making daily rounds, building relationships with patients and families based on familiarity and trust, and ensuring appropriate, effective and efficient delivery of care regardless of the patient’s location, or day and time of need. They are one of the country’s leading innovators in using techgnology to deliver advanced care both on-site and remotely.  Tapestry’s artificial intelligenceI and machine learning protocols provide in-depth analysis at the patient, facility and national levels which allows them to identify potentially at risk patients before the onset of symptoms.  They are currently testing robotics and other advances for independent data collection, freeing nurses to spend more time with their patients. Learn more at tapestryhealth.com


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