Welcome to the SNF Metrics third quarter newsletter! We encourage all SNF Metrics users to review this brief update and please share it with your colleagues that also utilize our platform. You never sit idle when caring for residents, nor do we, as we continue to develop new software to help drive your financial and care performance. We’ve expanded our staffing, clinical, census, risk, and financial dashboards and added features to our AR and Risk Apps. If you are unaware of these updates, contact customer success or email El Harris at eharris@snfmetrics.com.

Time flies when you’re having fun!

We have also invested in updated software to improve your customer experience as it relates to opening and closing tickets. Our new software has also shortened our time from the new SNF Metrics order to “go live.” This has been successful for both existing customers adding new platforms as well as brand new customers. We understand that by the time you order, YOU WANT IT NOW! We hear you, and we are doing something about it. Our very own Adi Shachar has provided some updates for you.

Finally, it has been a quarter of senior care managers enhancing their risk management operations. We have performed many demonstrations, presentations, and talks on risk management over the past 90 days, and we have some of those documents and recordings to share with you.

The Summer of Risk Tech Talk

The winds of change are again upon us. More SNF operators are advancing their risk management strategies for a multitude of reasons this year. We took the time to create a risk tech checklist that you should use when evaluating tools to help your risk team succeed. If you are expanding your risk management team and tools, get a copy of our Risk Tech checklist and learn why Risk Suite is your best choice.

Tech Talk with Wendy Strause, Marquis Health Services

Review our short clip as El Harris interviews Wendy Strause, Senior Risk Manager, and learn how Risk Suite has improved her confidence, efficiency, and oversight as a risk manager overseeing a portfolio of facilities in both NJ and PA. The series is fast-paced and insightful. If you are interested in insights on risk management best practices in 2023, you owe it to your company to watch this interview.

Medline and Tapestry Health: Join Us In Partnership!

This quarter, both Medline Industries and Tapestry Health joined us in separate partnership agreements. After a year of review, we are thrilled that all Medline executives are now presenting the SNF Metrics solution to their customers and prospects at significant discounts across the nation. Thank you, Team Medline.

Tapestry has partnered with us, enabling new customers that SNF Metrics refers to gain access to our Clinical Dashboard at no additional cost. If you are exploring better telehealth opportunities, please check out Tapestry and mention that SNF Metrics referred you. They are the best, fastest-growing, most comprehensive telemedicine platform available for senior care. And it’s offered at no direct cost to you.

To see our Q3 partnership press releases, email El Harris, eharris@snfmetrics.com or visit our website’s blog page, www.snfmetrics.com/blogs

FEATURE ARTICLE: Upgrades To Your SNF Metrics Support Desk

If you have recently logged a ticket to our Help Center, you have noticed a new and improved look! SNF Metrics is excited to be sharing a new platform for you to review ticket status, read knowledge base articles, engage in community collaboration, and gain instant messaging with your support team. We believe these extended services will allow us to provide our customers with an enhanced customer care experience.

Our customers can sign up for the Customer Portal via a self-sign option. This allows a customer to view tickets for their organization, thereby providing them with the ability to keep track of the status of logged tickets and solutions on all tickets. Our customers will also have access to the community portal, where questions can be raised, ideas can be shared, and engage in discussions with other SNF Metrics customers. We have also expanded our list of knowledge-based articles published on the applications we support and user guidelines from frequently asked questions. We are continuing to grow this with more feedback and engagement from our customers.

Our Customer Success Team is eager to use these new tools that provide you—our valued customer—with a personalized approach to addressing issues and, of course, quickly resolving them—with a smile! Regardless if you use our new support desk tools or not, we are always just a phone call away.

Need to open a ticket with us now? Click here!

Customer Success Executive Business Reviews

The Customer Success Team continues to schedule executive business reviews with our customers’ senior management teams. This is a new function our Customer Success Team has introduced to connect with our customers. It has given the Customer Success Team the opportunity to understand customer expectations, share metrics of portal usage and analysis, and provide updates of new functionality on purchased applications, status updates of support desk tickets, and new reports on the portal. This has offered the Customer Success Team the opportunity to improve relationships and assist our customers to align their company goals with the use of SNF Metrics as a tool.

Wish to schedule your Executive Business Review now?

Advancements in our Onboarding Process

Our Customer Success Team has added new automation technology within our onboarding process, making it more streamlined and creating more value-add for our new clients. SNF Metrics has come a long way since our first onboarding of our customers! We are now onboarding new customers and getting them live with SNF Metrics in 4-6 weeks! We are constantly looking at new and innovative methods to expand the way we get our customers live with any of the SNF Metrics tools they choose. Maybe someday we can make “go live” occur with the push of a button…

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