SNFs and their staff face numerous risks on a daily basis as they deliver care to patients. SNFs experience higher risks due to the advanced age and health conditions of their residents.

Risk Suite can manage your established and emerging risks, helping to:

  • Reduce insurance premiums
  • Increased protection for your staff and residents
  • Reduce costly and unnecessary penalties
  • Control litigation expenses
  • Establish CMS-required risk QAPI programs
  • Improve revenues
  • Build confidence

Staffing shortages that plague the nursing home industry have only complicated risk management. From medical and prescription errors to slip and fall injuries, staff injuries, and elopement of residents, operators know that a better strategy must be enacted.

Risk Reporter

Facility-specific Application to confidently capture and manage all risks. Risk Reporter integrates with your EMR which enables quick auto fill drop down fields for accuracy and time savings.

Risk Reports

26 auto-generated reports specific to your network with the ability to “drill down” to the risk details help to quickly manage and mitigate all risks.

Standard-Reporting: 6 Falls/3 Wounds/7 Risk Reports/+10 facility-facility comparison and aggregated insights.

Grievance Log

Easy capture application for all facility-wide grievances. Fully integrated with your EMR for quick auto-fill dropdown fields for accuracy and saving time. Auto-alert leadership of top concerns

Grievance Reports

Identify trends, close grievances in a timely and documented manner, generate staff training and education programs based upon your top concerns, stay compliant, save time.

Your live data holds the answers: A suite of software applications and reports is integrated within your existing systems. No double-entry or accessing multiple data sources is required to obtain optimal risk reduction results. Risk Suite is comprised of 4 unique programs, using your live data-aggregated together form all your multiple data sources.

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Risk Suite is offered as a “stand alone” program or an invaluable addition to our SNF Compass. SNF Metrics didn’t start as a ‘product’ – it was born as the result of a need. A successful team of SNF (Skilled Nursing Home) operators was challenged with making sense of their millions of live data points to provide clear clinical and operational direction at the right time.

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