Ensure Compliance

Risk Reporter

Simplify and streamline your risk mitigation strategy, reduce SNF risks and save staff time

Accurately file, close and manage all risks with confidence–and in a timely manner.

Risk reporter pulls data from your existing EMR and applies proprietary reporting and algorithms that help owners and operators quickly identify risks and take effective action.

  • Uses EMR to autopopulate resident information
  • Easy to search and sort
  • Automatic reporting on key areas of risk management
  • Just in time alerting and reporting to key stakeholders

Ensure awareness and timely action

Complete and submit a risk report in under
5 minutes.

Timely and effective capture and incident resolution–never lose track of an open report.

Properly report and document all risks…
A key piece to negotiating favorable insurance premiums.

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SNF Metrics aggregates live data from various nursing home data sources, including the EMR, Time and Attendance, AR, Payroll, Census and more. In fact, the more data sources SNF Metrics gains permission to access, the better the lens for timely and accurate data and thus the SNF’s precise and proactive responses. SNF Metrics evolved from a SNF operator that struggled with disparate SNF systems that didn’t always talk, and when they did–the data insights were from a time in the past. Making decisions with systems like this was once described as driving with just the rear-view mirror. It was always a thoughtful reminder of what happened and generated appropriate education moments going forward, but it was live, today, right now–in the present. Look forward with SNF Metrics.


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