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AR Max

Troubleshoot reimbursement challenges and realize revenue faster

AR Max saves time, provides AR confidence and is built just for SNFs

Without a SNF operator’s constant monitoring, analysis and management of accounts receivable, the likelihood of bad debt is extremely high. AR Max helps to:

  • Connect live patient and AR data from multiple software systems to provide real-time insights.
  • Track¬†significant¬† billing issues with your Medicare, Medicaid, insurance and quickly identify untracked residents.
  • “Drill down” within live reports to the level of detail needed to resolve billing issues faster.
  • Identify AR trends by facility, by region and even by manager.

Realize the confidence that AR and collections transparency & trends can bring.

Most Common
AR Max Reports

Flagged Residents, Hot Cases, Income Tracking, Insurance Tracking, Medicaid Pending, Medicare Tracking, Pending Payments, Private Tracking Recert Pending, Tracking Notes, Tracking Notes by Due Date, Untracked Residents, Upcoming Recerts

Most Common
Billing Reports

Aging with notes, AMA Discharge Audit, AR Ledger, Average Rate, Average Rate Comparison, Average Rate Detail, Cash Percentage Trend, Collections by Payer Type, Collections by Resident, Collections Dashboard, Collections Letter, Daily Cash Receipts, Data Entry Errors, DSO Trend, HIPPS Audits, Missing Billing Data, MMQ Audit, Potential Medicare Eligibility, Private and Income Aging, Private Bills, Revenue Reconciliation, Timely Collections Comparison

Connect More
AR Tracker App

Integrates directly with your existing EMR and provides quick drop-down menus that reduce data entry errors–the cause of most AR delays. Quickly mark patients that are “Hot Cases” or “Legal Issues”, expedite authorizations and understand income–all in real-time.

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SNF Metrics didn’t start as a ‘product’ – it was born as the result of a need. A successful team of SNF (Skilled Nursing Home) operators was challenged with making sense of their millions of live data points to provide clear clinical and operational direction at the right time. AR Max was important to these operators to shorten their revenue cycle, close business months faster and maintain a healthy bottom line. No AR software platform performs better for SNFs than AR Max.

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