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Actionable Insights

SNF Metrics provides a powerful data integration tool that simultaneously communicates with many of the most common software platforms utilized by nursing home operators today.

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With Your Full

Within one platform, an operator gathers actionable insights from their data related to risk, staff, AR, pharmacy, clinical care, grievances, worker’s compensation and more. Critical data from each platform are connected, algorithms created and reports generated that quickly direct staff to focus on what is important and improve your ROI.

About SNF Metrics

SNF Metrics was originally developed by operators just like you to better understand their data and quickly operationalize it. Now an independent SaaS software company, we have expanded to include proprietary applications that improve SNF workflows in risk management, managed care and pharmacy contract management, grievance log management and more. Every live and interactive report and application we provide to SNFs is presented to maximize operational efficiencies and help operators perform twice as fast.
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Our Most Popular Product Suites

Critical operational reports for navigating oceans of data

  • Live and interactive reports built specifically for your facilities using your existing data
  • A way to monitor and control performance over multiple facilities
  • Striking visual reports linking operational performance with financial success

Reduce bad debt with streamlined monitoring and reporting

  • Connect live patient and AR data from multiple software systems to provide real-time insights
  • Our proprietary AR Tracker Application builds AR workflow efficiencies. Quickly target untracked residents, know the status of any patient at any time. Speed up Collections. Reduce bad debt.
  • “Drill down” within live reports to the level of detail needed to resolve billing issues faster.
  • Identify AR trends by facility, by region and even by manager

Risk Suite can manage your established and emerging clinical risks

  • Reduce insurance premiums
  • Increased protection for your staff and residents
  • Reduce costly and unnecessary penalties
  • Control litigation expenses
  • Establish CMS-required risk QAPI programs
  • Reduce Risk paper filing, facing, and excel spreadsheets. The proprietary Risk Tracker Application provides everything you need to manage risk in a secure, cloud-based software platform.

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