Increasing regulations and cost of care are placing pressure on already tight margins for Skilled Nursing Facilities. With billing and collecting approaching 90 days or more on average, the financial pressure becomes critical.

Tracking AR is Complex

Tracking each resident’s AR is an art as each resident has a different set of challenges: Who is performing the AR follow-ups with family, the state, insurer or CMS–what are those follow-ups for a Manager to track and oversee? Which residents are “hot cases” that need immediate attention?

The AR Tracker App–Improve AR coordination and communication across your entire SNF portfolio

The AR App pulls resident information from the clinical software to provide a frictionless system for keeping track of the critical AR status of each resident.

  • Simple, straightforward data entry.
  • Automated generation of alerts and reports for quick action.
  • Seamless access for key stakeholders responsible for billing and resident care.


AR Tracker integrates data from
Both your EMR and accounting systems.
The integrated data is utilized:


To generate useful insights about your resident’s AR issues.

By auto-generating quick and efficient drop-down menus in the App itself thus saving time and data entry errors. With the AR Tracker App, your staff’s time is not mired in data entry; it’s spent resolving AR issues.

Integrating SNF Metrics AR platform into your daily AR process greatly reduces the time from clinical services rendered to collections by as much as 30 days.

No username and password, just open your email and a secure hyperlink will guide you immediately to the AR information you need.

Identify hot cases, target flagged cases, know who is up for recertification and is your team prepared. What residents are untracked and for how long? Who on your team is responding?

Identify AR issues to quickly be reimbursed for the services you are performing today.


The reports are directed, specific and will give you the information you need to improve your team’s overall AR performance.

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SNF Metrics aggregates live data from various nursing home data sources, including the EMR, Time and Attendance, AR, Payroll, Census and more. In fact, the more data sources SNF Metrics gains permission to access, the better the lens for timely and accurate data and thus the SNF’s precise and proactive responses. SNF Metrics evolved from a SNF operator that struggled with disparate SNF systems that didn’t always talk, and when they did–the data insights were from a time in the past. Making decisions with systems like this was once described as driving with just the rear-view mirror. It was always a thoughtful reminder of what happened and generated appropriate education moments going forward, but it was live, today, right now–in the present. Look forward with SNF Metrics.