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Revenue Optimization

Maximize Contract Performance

Our managed care contracts app provides advanced tools to optimize revenue streams by ensuring accurate contract negotiations and revenue tracking. Say goodbye to revenue leaks and missed opportunities.

Streamlined Contract Negotiations

Simplified Negotiation Process

Efficiently negotiate managed care contracts with our user-friendly platform. Upload all managed care contracts—instantly compare and contrast all programs and coverages. Clearly understand your highest and lowest payers. Utilize this insight to renegotiate your managed care contracts.

Performance Analytics

Data-Driven Insights

Our comprehensive analytics tools give you valuable insights into contract performance and revenue trends. Utilize our Contract Billing Rate Compare report to show discrepancies between contract and billing rates. The Facility Network Participation report lists your facilities and which managed care plans are active by facility. Quickly drill down to the contract details without leaving the App. Track key performance indicators, identify areas for improvement and make informed decisions to optimize your managed care contracts.

Tailored for Healthcare Providers

Efficiently manage managed care contracts and improve revenue streams with our intuitive platform.

Nursing Home Administrators

Maximize your managed care revenues. Instantly understand rates and coverages. Leave notes for your team. Document updates and upload important contract information for all users to make better, more informed decisions.

Admissions Directors

Instantly choose referrals based upon accurate insurance coverages. Place referrals within your regional facility network that accept the resident’s insurance and provide the best reimbursement.

Contract and Finance Managers

Build confidence in managed care contract management process. Save valuable time reviewing and understanding all contract terms and conditions with a few live reports. Use this information when negotiating with insurance providers to generate reasonable rates. Improve your operation’s revenues.


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Streamlining Managed Care Contracts

Simplify the management of managed care contracts with our intuitive platform.

Step 1: Setup

Input and upload all managed care contracts and details into the Managed Care Contract Management App, including terms, rates, and coverages. Add notes and determine user access.

Step 2

Integrate Managed Care Contract Manager insights into your operation’s workflow. Generate alerts and automatic updates.

Step 3: Optimization

Match your best care opportunities with the best Medicare plan. Identify revenue opportunities, negotiate contract terms and maximize profitability.

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