On 24 October 2022, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) issued an 847-page document updating its 2016 regulatory guidelines for nursing home surveyors. The document represents part of the Biden-Harris Administration’s initiative to promote the safety and quality of nursing home care across the country.

These updates empower surveyors to collect additional data and conduct more interviews, causing concern among industry analysts. The guidelines suggest that the CMS wishes to address issues such as crime, abuse, neglect, and elopement, leading to more citations and fines.

The guidelines also require better data analysis from nursing homes, stating that a nursing home must “establish and implement written policies and procedures for feedback, data collections systems, and monitoring, including adverse event monitoring.” They also require the establishment of a system of risk reporting as well as developing risk mitigation strategies.

Through its Risk Suite, SNF Metrics has been helping nursing homes manage all risks with its proprietary App and live insights. Risk Suite will help you input all risks, manage them, and ensure compliance and reporting. It will give you confidence that risks are being monitored and appropriately handled. Share your risks and devise risk mitigation strategies both inside and outside your organization as well as with families, lawyers and underwriters.

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Risk Suite also provides optional Apps and reports to manage grievances as well as workers’ comp claims.

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