With his leadership positions in various software corporations, including his experience as a chief executive officer for several organizations and his service as the Chief Executive Officer of SNF Metrics, Hillel provides a unique operational excellence perspective on the use of software to foster digital transformation.

Before joining SNF Metrics, Hillel was co-Founder of incentX, the creators of a platform for simplifying incentive plans for organizations managing commissions, rebates, royalties, billbacks & chargebacks. With his leadership, the company was able to achieve double-digit revenue growth despite an economic recession.

Prior to founding incentX, Hillel held several leadership positions at organizations such as Softengine, a leading ERP and business process solutions, Alluvia, the provider of plug-and-play business data integration systems, and EMI Yoshi, a leading provider of disposable servingware. Through his long history in data analytics and automation, Hillel has acquired critical skills for building businesses, finding operational efficiencies, and transforming the customer experience.
When not leading the way at SNF Metrics, Hillel spends his time volunteering at Yad Ephraim and Maimonides Medical Center. He currently lives in New York with his wife Debbie and their four children.