SNF Metrics COVID-19 Reports

CMS Reporting Requirements are increasing and the consequences of inaccurate or incomplete reports are becoming more severe. It can be challenging for facilities to keep up. SNF Metrics has innovated through the COVID-19 pandemic to produce more connected and streamlined options to help facilitators during this time. Check back often as new report capabilities are added to the system

New Reports Available

The Resident Temperature Report is included in the COVID-19 reporting options for SNF Metrics clients. Connect with our team to see a full review of the COVID-19 reports that would be most useful for your facility.

SNF Metrics COVID19 reporting

Cover Your COVID-19 Reporting Needs


Quickly review progress notes related to the novel coronavirus. Shows progress notes containing COVID-19 related words and phrases.


Displays history of Temperature and O2 Saturation for a  resident.


 Shows all temperature readings at or above a certain threshold. (Typically 92 percent…)


Shows residents who trigger any of the COVID-19 warning signs (temp, O2, progress note keywords). Run on-demand or receive automatically via email.


Shows all temperature readings at or above a certain threshold. (Typically 92 percent…)

Unlock New Data By Automating Your Manual Processes

Today, informative data is trapped in manuals, binders, and random papers and forms. Valuable insights could be generated by making this invisible data, visible. 

Make Your Invisible Data, Visible

Our innovative toolkit of apps provides solutions throughout your organization. The apps are part of a single platform, making them easy to learn and use. Plus, there is no duplicate data entry because your residents, employees, and other shared data are already in the apps.

SNF Metrics Platform Apps Create Data

The apps eliminate paper record-keeping and messy spreadsheets and are designed specifically for the fast-paced long-term care environment. Best of all, the apps directly feed data into the SNF Metrics Dashboard.

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Link All of Your Data With One Platform

SNF Metrics integrates with the most common systems used by skilled care facilities, including:

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SNF Metrics — Trusted Data Analytics Partner

"As we’ve grown, we needed infrastructure to help manage new facilities. SNF Metrics has helped tremendously by allowing us to monitor and benchmark new facilities, identify key areas for improvement – clinical, risk and financial – and help us keep our facilities performing well."

– Barry Munk

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