FREE Infection Tracking App

Easy COVID-19 Tracking & Reporting for Residents and Employees

Our App takes the guesswork out of employee and resident COVID-19 testing, tracking and reporting. Use the app to input your line -listing and employee testing data from any department or any facility. You can devote more time to resident care and employee safety and not struggle with version control, time-consuming duplication, manual tracking, and careless errors as a result of unimaginable workloads.

Easy Data Inputs

Take your Excel Spreadsheet to a cloud-based application making it easy for multiple internal stakeholders and departments to enter data at a singular point and in “real-time”

Access From Anywhere

Whether it is 3 PM on a Tuesday or 3 AM on a Sunday morning, the COVID-19 Track & Report App is there and available to your staff for quick, timely incident reporting directly to your line listing. 

Streamline Reporting

The reporting for the CDC is slightly different from the reporting required by the State , which is a little bit different from the County reporting. It’s labor intensive to keep these straight, and it often requires multiple reports. The COVID-19 Track & Report App allow your staff to run a single report to complete multiple documents at once. 


Consolidated COVID-19 Tracking

No longer scramble to pull information from multiple departments, multiple spreadsheets, and multiple stakeholders. for your required reporting. 


Pull your staff health reports, your PPE, and resident clinical data into a single data source. Run reports to streamline your reporting to the CDC, State, and Local governments. 

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COVID-19 Track & Report App is Free

Reduce Staff Workload

Multiple spreadsheets, manual calculations, busy internal stakeholders…all of these factors make COVID-19 reporting requirements time-consuming and staff intensive. The COVID-19 Track & Report App can streamline the process and significantly reduce hours and errors. 

Save Staff Time

Consolidate Reports

Reduce Errors

Get Started With Your Tracking19 App…It’s Easy!

How this works.

You do not need the full SNF Metrics Platform to use the FREE Infection Tracking App. We just need some information about your facility to register you and create your App. Fill out the form below to get started.

If you will need help creating your Excel spreadsheet within the App, we can help with that too. We will just need your current spreadsheet and a small fee to get you set up. Get Help Here.

SNF Metrics Platform

Manage Organizational Chaos

A Single Dashboard for All Your System Data

An intelligent dashboard that offers near real-time access to the data you need to take smart, decisive action. All your information from all your systems, all in one place.

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Insights from all areas of your operation (clinical, financial, billing, purchasing, payroll, compliance, and rehospitalization)


Keep on top of five-star ratings, PBJ, QAPI, staffing, and reimbursement changes (PDPM)


Dynamic charts and graphs create a narrative of each of your facilities and the overall company.

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