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Ellsworth Harris

Ellsworth Harris
Sales Director
Phone: 410-808-7194
[email protected]

After leaving the education field in 2008, Ellsworth has focused his career on helping healthcare staff work smarter and more efficiently. His driving interest focuses on data analytics in skilled nursing facilities–driving better outcomes through preventative care thus reducing staff stress and critical care complexities. During Covid, Ellsworth served as CEO of an infection prevention clinical practice and in 2022, rejoined the analytics space. He has served roles in senior care medical director practices, ISNP’s and Remote Patient Monitoring practices.

Ellsworth Harris


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SNF Metrics Consolidates Your Data Sources and Delivers Insights You Can Trust

Our platform is built with the most important SNF analytics for Compliance, Clinical, Billing, Payroll, and Staffing in mind. It looks across all of your systems to create links, insights, and opportunities you can take action on.

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