Software ensures proper risk documentation, transparency, and compliance.

Find out how SNF Metrics Helped a growing Operator with nursing home facilities spanning from the Southwest to the Midwest implemented Risk Suite in the second quarter, 2022. This report reviews the results from the date of Risk Suite implementation through November 2023 with insights included from their COO.

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With SNF Metrics' Risk Suite, we've transformed our approach to risk management in our nursing homes. The integration and efficiency of the software not only streamlined our processes but also enhanced our compliance and staff engagement. It's more than a tool; it's a game-changer in how we ensure the safety and well-being of our residents and staff.

Chief Operating Officer

About the Operator.

The operator has over 20 years of nursing home management experience and recently ventured out to take his experiences and build his own operation.

When first introduced to nursing home analytics, it was a tool that he knew added confidence and faster responses than previously possible, and he was an early adopter near the beginning of his career.

Taking the data already inputted in the EMR, financial, time, attendance, and other systems and extracting it in real-time saved tremendous time and resources and increased trust in operations and clinical care decisions. There was never a doubt that analytics with a focus on mitigating risks would be an integral part of his new operation.

Why did they pick SNF Metrics?

In 2022, an operator in the Southwest contracted SNF Metrics to implement its system in his nursing home chain.

The operator saw the opportunity to maximize the workflow related to risk in the nursing homes and embarked on a journey to give the best care possible to the resident while staying compliant.

After a year of studying the data trends after implementing SNF Metrics, this case study was born.

The Goal (Reducing risk)

Risk has always been a concern and is growing due to recent national trends. Reducing risk is important for three primary reasons:

  • Providing a safe and secure environment for both residents and staff. Our nursing home residents are aging. They come to the nursing home because they are no longer able to live independently and require care and assistance. Higher incidences of risks naturally occur with our seniors. Providing a workplace environment for staff that protects them and affords them the tools needed to provide exceptional care is also important.
  • Staying compliant, maintain 5-star ratings and reduce unnecessary citations and litigation. Post Covid, nursing homes continue to be on the national agenda and placed squarely in the spotlight. Non-compliance comes with an even heavier cost. Families and guardians are more susceptible to lawsuits with ever-increasing financial payouts required. Operators also understand that high Quality Measure scores lead to higher 5-star ratings which aids in building census.
  • Insurance premiums are on the rise, with some operators experiencing over 20% premium increases each year for the past few years. It’s well understood that nursing home insurance premiums are directly correlated to high incidences of risk. Thus, lowering risk typically results in reduced insurance costs.

The Challenge

The Operator knows there is more room for improvement, but he is proud of his team for ingesting this new platform and embracing it. He notes that SNF Metrics implementation and training was important to Risk Suite’s success.

The SNF Metrics team introduced small pieces at a time rather than launching the full suite. It was well received. Even today, training is continuous and ongoing. A Customer Service Portal enables staff to present questions for near-immediate feedback. The Operator notes that he reviews the Risk Suite summary report on an almost daily basis and makes comments to his team based upon his review. He notes the importance of this, to show that he embraces this tool and thus so should his staff.

His largest concern remains staffing. He shares frustration about the new CMS mandate being unfunded and unreasonable. He notes that in the markets he serves, to boost his staff will come at a price to the local home care/hospice organizations, hospitals and even physician’s offices. No community will “win” if this mandate becomes law. Regardless of the cost, staffing must be compliant as the cost of non-compliance could be more critical. He hopes AI will help in delivering better care and sees opportunities in Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) in his future.

He notes that the nursing home industry has a bright future ahead. Covid exposed issues and challenges that are being addressed and is hopeful the industry is poised for an era of improved outcomes, technology adoption and growth.

The Solution

Risk Suite was chosen after an evaluation process. There were several factors in reaching his decision:

  • His primary focus was to find a technology partner that truly understood the nursing home needs, nuances and requirements, a technology company with industry experience. Many software vendors have great technology, but it has to be customized by the customer to bring value and that is both costly and time-consuming. It also requires the
  • customer to always be updating and planning.
  • Having the ability to expand software applications and analytics in one nursing home platform. Multiple software systems with multiple log ins and massive amounts of data was something previously experienced. SNF Metrics extracts data from the EMR, Financials, Time and Attendance, Census and many other software systems and integrates that data into one platform. He now has deployed SNF Metrics’ Managed Care Contracts App, Billing Dashboard, Bed Board App on top of Risk Suite, all within one nursing home ecosystem.
  • Referrals that presented compelling insights to Risk Suite’s ability to mitigate their risks, stay compliant, control litigation costs and aid them to reduce/control insurance premiums.
  • User-friendly interface, something that not only he could use, but his staff would find useful and utilize the tool. He noted that software is not the answer to reducing risks, it is a tool. Staff at all levels must utilize the tool and make data-driven decisions in order to get the optimal results. Staff support and their approval was a part of the decision process.

The Results

For almost a year now, Risk Suite has been implemented across his homes, starting with 4 and now 7 with more on the horizon. The results suggest:

  • A reduction from 34.9 days to close an incident report to 9, with the goal being 5. Risk Suite comes with Risk Tracker which is a workflow and communication App that is shared across the entire organization. Risk Reporter auto-generates the Incident Report and automates the entire process. Risks are rated, staff and leadership email alerts can be generated depending upon severity or other factors, Notes and other useful tools make it nearly impossible for staff to not know the status of any risk or incident report. Managers and CEOs also review this data to direct their calls, meetings, and site visits.
  • A reduction in risk occurrences per home/1000 days in Q3 22 was 13.74 while in Q3 2023 that number is now 10.68. The evaluation reviewed the operator’s total incidents over 4 homes with the last number evaluating total incidents now over 7 homes that did not have the full time period. This risk reduction trend continues.
  • Risk Suite also provides a Grievance Log App and Dashboard to share grievance analytics. Similar to Risk Reporter, the Grievance Log App integrates with the EMR, but data is also entered by staff to generate grievance logs. All menus are drop-down and simple for a staff member to capture the grievance. Alerts and updates are emailed and communicated across the organization. Reports and alerts are generated ensuring grievances are documented, addressed, and closed. This operator presents on average 110 grievances/quarter. Grievances are now tracked, fully documented, and closed in less than 3 days.

About Risk Suite

Risk Suite is a bundled package of SNF Metrics’ risk products which include:

This application streamlines the creation of incident reports by auto-filling data from EMR, ensuring each report is comprehensive and tailored to the specific risk involved. It enhances risk management with automated alerts to managers and a calculated risk score for effective response.

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Seamlessly integrated with EMR, this app enables efficient documentation of grievances in SNF settings, featuring user-friendly drop-down menus and automatic email notifications to managers, ensuring timely review and resolution.

Go to Grievance Log App

This dashboard provides a comprehensive view of all grievances, with over 7 detailed reports that assist managers in evaluating and addressing grievances effectively, ensuring compliance and quality management.

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A robust tool offering over 20 live, interactive reports, it empowers clinical leaders, consultants, and legal teams with real-time insights into all facility risks, facilitating prompt and appropriate responses.

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