Key Insights:

  • Certain medications and their combinations are recognized as significant contributors to falls among older adults.
  • Many over-the-counter medications mixed with other medications can lead to harmful interactions, elevating the risk of falls and other health complications.
  • Taking 5 or more medications increases the risk of falls.
  • Appropriately and safely reducing resident’s medications also reduces an operator’s medication spend. One operator new to SNF Metrics suggests they will save over $2 Million throughout 2024.
  • Leveraging the SNF Metrics medication review reports on a daily basis can help to safely manage the adverse effects of medications as potential contributors to falls within our senior population.

While falls are an inevitable consequence of aging, they remain a significant worry for clinical staff, residents, families, insurers, and lawyers, posing threats of danger and even fatality. Certain medications, alongside combinations of over the counter and prescribed drugs, can heighten the risk of falls. Taking multiple medicines regardless of type increases the risk of falls as well.

So, what steps can senior care operators take? Aside from seniors getting regular exercise, care providers ensuring a safe living environment and effective medication management, it’s imperative that residents and families communicate all medication use to healthcare providers and senior care clinical staff.

In our nursing home settings, staff and physicians may provide or prescribe medications and treatments to a resident without a prior active medication review leaving residents with multiple medications per day. Correlations have been established by various agencies and studies – the higher the number of medications our seniors take, the higher risk of them falling. Even recently-discontinued medications can continue to provide negative impacts and should be monitored. Using the SNF Metrics medication management reports on a daily basis identifies today’s high medication residents so that clinical leadership can review and address as needed.

How Does a Daily SNF Metrics Medication Review Contribute to Fall Prevention?

SNF Metrics extracts live data from the EMR related to a resident’s most recent medications (active and discontinued) and treatments. A report is generated targeting those residents with the most medications and treatments. Clinical staff and pharmacists can quickly “click and go” to get very specific to review and recommend better, safer treatments. Alerts can be programmed to feed directly into staff and management emails.

As with all SNF Metrics reports, they can be accessed via a cloud-based portal or programmed for regular and secure emailing to qualified staff and consultants.

Using The Daily Medication Management Report Reduces Falls and Medication Costs.


Falls are the largest risk for our seniors, especially those residing in our nursing homes.  Falls are also a top hospital readmission contributor and cost concern for our senior care operators.  Implementing a daily resident medication review can decrease falls risks and provide significant savings in unnecessary medication expenses.  SNF Metric’s Clinical Dashboard provides actionable medication management analytics that are generated instantly and simple to understand.

About SNF Metrics

We are a technology development practice with absolute attention on improving all aspects of our nursing home partners. Always improving, always amazing our customers – we provide solutions that help staff see opportunities faster and direct them to respond to operational, financial and clinical concerns in minutes. We focus on building proprietary apps that improve our nursing home’s workflows and communications in many aspects, especially risk management.

Product Info + Download Case Study

SNF Compass is a bundled package of SNF Metrics’  business intelligence solutions products, which include:

These 18 detailed reports offer real-time insights into census data, occupancy rates, patient demographics, and other vital metrics. Equipped with this dashboard, facility administrators, managers, and operational teams can make informed decisions to optimize resource allocation, enhance patient care, and improve operational efficiency.

A robust tool offering over 39 detailed reports. These reports provide real-time insights into various clinical metrics and performance indicators. The tool empowers clinical leaders, consultants, and legal teams to make informed decisions promptly, ensuring optimal patient care and compliance with regulations.

Presenting a robust reimbursement dashboard comprising 17 comprehensive reports that provide real-time insights into reimbursement data, billing trends, payer information, and financial metrics. Empowering financial analysts, administrators, and billing teams, this dashboard facilitates accurate billing, maximizes revenue capture, and ensures compliance with reimbursement regulations.

Introducing an extensive staffing dashboard featuring 41 detailed reports tailored to offer real-time insights into staffing levels, employee schedules, workforce productivity, and compliance with staffing ratios. Equipped with this dashboard, administrators, HR professionals, and nursing supervisors can optimize staffing allocation, streamline scheduling processes, and ensure adequate staffing levels to deliver high-quality patient care while maintaining regulatory compliance.

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