Recently, the operator purchased 4 additional homes and now they manage 7 homes. Initially, the transition was not easy. The model that worked for 3 homes was not viable now with 7 homes. The amount of time, data and oversight became overwhelming. The operator became aware of a growing number of untracked residents from a reimbursement perspective, and AR was expanding. Both were now tracking outside average ranges. Another concern was the unexpected rise in OT and staff agency utilization. New processes, procedures and workflows were needed in this expanding operation, and needed quickly.

At a recent skilled nursing facility conference on reimbursement, the operator met SNF Metrics. The operator’s reaction was, “…this is a game-changer…” Over the next few weeks, various departments visited SNF Metrics to learn how their proprietary applications and live, actionable reports that aggregates all data

from all systems and all homes can manage staffing, control AR, expedite reimbursement, improve clinical outcomes, drive census and more. Even the newly-hired risk manager said she was “doing cartwheels” when SNF Metrics shared their Risk Suite product with her.

6 weeks later, SNF Metrics is the backbone of this operator’s successful nursing home operation. While each department has their own positive outcomes with SNF Metrics, the operator is most pleased to be seeing a performance trend not seen before-better AR and reimbursement-even when they were just managing 3 homes. Leadership shares other SNF Metrics successes. One example the clinical team gets excited about is they can now quickly identify falls and wounds and with a click of a button, ensure the resident care plans have been updated-all within the same report.