Managed Care Contracts:

Improving Provider Revenue

Managed Care Contract App simplifies contracts for accurate reimbursement

SNF Metrics’ Managed Care Contract App is the key to ensuring the right reimbursement rate at the right time.

Skilled nursing facility operators are “leaving money on the table” without an easy way to track, reference, and organize managed care contracts. Complicated fee schedules and contract requirements provide ample room for both delayed and even missed reimbursement.

If your Operation manages Managed Care Contracts in Excel and houses them on the server for staff to see and review, then this App is for you. Managing contracts via the app will improve revenue cycle management across all contracts, reduce disputes, and improve your revenue.

Instantly Understand
The Fine Print

You may know the primary billing codes for your managed care contracts, but do you understand all of the codes and the fine print? The Managed Care Contracts App can help nursing home operators capture all changes.

Improve your managed care revenue Cycle-
reduce claim denials

Get paid for every covered service performed. When obtaining initial authorization, quickly understand if you can acquire a higher level of coverage. Where a claim denial occurs, have the correct documentation to resolve your dispute.

Centralize all managed care contracts –
Save Staff Time

Easily manage all managed care contracts with the click of a button. Save your NHA and DON precious time. Help your admissions teams quickly identify facilities that have certain managed care contracts. Help with placement services. Target highest reimbursement facilities.

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