About SNF Metrics

SNF Metrics is committed to Quality of Care, Reduced Risk and Easier Compliance, and Improved Operational Performance and Profitability.

Our Story

SNF Metrics didn’t start as a ‘product’ – it was born as the result of a need. A seasoned team of SNF operators was challenged with managing and making sense of the information at their fingertips. They had data galore, but how did it make them more efficient and proactive?

The challenge became greater when factoring in multiple facilities. The team wanted a high-level view across their facilities without tedious review of data and multiple systems. They needed the ability to drill down to the resident level to understand the details that create the big picture.

Continuing the mindset of the original team, combined with leadership well-versed in the long-term care industry and cutting-edge technology, we’ve built a product and a company to address the challenges operators experience daily.

Meet Our CEO

Hillel Zafir, SNF Metrics’s New CEO

Hillel Zafir

With his leadership positions in various software corporations, including his experience as a chief executive officer for several organizations and his service as the Chief Executive Officer of SNF Metrics, Hillel provides a unique operational excellence perspective on the use of software to foster digital transformation.

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SNF Metrics— Trusted SNF Data Platorm

SNF Metrics Consolidates Your Data Sources and Delivers Insights You Can Trust

Our platform is built with the most important SNF analytics for Compliance, Clinical, Billing, Payroll, and Staffing in mind. It looks across all of your systems to create links, insights, and opportunities you can take action on.

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